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August 21, 2005



Ah, but consider. The terrorists attacked us because they hate us for our freedoms, right? Now that we've given up our freedoms, they must not hate us so much, because they haven't attacked us again! I mean, why attack kindred spirits?


Three of the suggested solutions to the terror threat that the ACLU has no business propounding:

1. Spend homeland security dollars on areas of highest risk rather than spreading them about on the basis of political need (as pork, that is.) These monies could then be used to protect facilities (the electrical grid, the water supply, chemical and nuclear power plants), institute programs (like a more thorough search of incoming containers, if that's not just another frighten-the-people story) and make changes in the physical setting with a proven record of success against domestic terror. These kinds of changes can be found in European countries like Britain and Spain.

2. Stop financing the imperial venture in Iraq that is not now, nor ever was, about protecting the American people against the terrorists who have attacked them. Some fraction of that money could then be spent on international law enforcement, surveillance and intelligence and black ops that would actually eliminate those groups that are now planning to attack the US.

3. Deal with all the groups that espouse violence against Americans as a means to achieving their political ends equally. This would mean targetting many of the right wing militias and zealots in this country.

Any of these changes would have to come from the executive or the legislative branches of our government, the bodies that are actually empowered to solve the problems of our days. Shifting this responsibility onto an organization like the ACLU is either an ignorant or disingenuous attempt to exculpate those elected officials and their cronies.

ED Beckmann

Unfortunately this is the Conservative Intellectual mind at it's apex! I have found this is the sme kind of twisted tinking that came up with "Intelligent Design". I like to describe the Wingnut approach to all subjects in this way. "If they can't dazzel with details they will simply baffel with Bullshit"

Night Bird

It’s their modus operandi.

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