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August 13, 2005



Louis, two flutes of your finest bubbly please.

Agi T. Prop

I'm on my way out tonight. Still walking on the wild side...

"Hello" to the fine guests of Lefty's.

Night Bird

Be safe Agi, watch out for low flying helicopters

Evening Heretik!


Anyone seen the Metallica documentary Some Kind of Monster? It's on VH1 right now, and...well, there's my social life for a Saturday night. I don't know much of their music, and don't like much of what I know, but this thing is fascinating. There's a significant org theory aspect to it that's really interesting: they hired a therapist. Groovy.

Anyway, nothing much on the political front that you don't already have. Is the bar empty tonight?

The Heretik

Billions of reasons to support the new energy bill


Whoo! Thanks for the plug! I also have a link to truly fascinating photo website, especially if you're into Found Art sort of things.

Michael Hawkins

Gracias for the link, mi amigo. And remember, everyone: follow your bliss!

The Heretik

We love the found art, Eli. And Michael, The Heretik believes in myths of old are found some pieces to the puzzles of today. Not all of the pieces, however. Some new pieces remain to be found.


I tried the beer last time, how about a G&T?

For admission, here's an item about a mayor who's gonna telecommute from Kaua'i to his town in Whistler BC until his term runs out. Below that is a cri de coeur for pre-packaged gyoza filling, and below that is a heartwarming story of a robot and the kids that made him.

There. Paid my dues for the quarter, right? ;)

Mimus Pauly

Oh dear. There's one fellow sprawled on the floor with his shorts around his ankles. There's another one in a compromising position with his bar stool. And I won't even mention the fellow in the men's room or what he was lying in.

I'll just open the register, put this hundred dollar bill inside, close it, help myself to a six-pack of Rolling Rock, and be on my way. Nothin' to see here, and besides I can't prove a damn thing...

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