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What I Read in the Waiting Room of Hell


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August 05, 2005


Agi T. Prop

That clip was priceless. Novak is cracking under the pressure. Hopefully more members of the Bush administration will suffer similar outbursts as the pressure rises. Remember Cheney with his "Go F%&k Yourself" to Senator Leahy last year?

Missouri Mule

The sad thing is Bush&Co.'s base loves this kind of chit. In fact, "Go F##k Yourself" is their motto.

Mimus Pauly

What, exactly, does Novak expect at this point? To be treated with kid gloves? Unless someone put a loaded pistol to his head and commanded him to write "Mission to Niger" two years ago, I don't think so. He dug his own hole, and every time he opens his mouth the hole gets that much deeper.

And he's still getting off light. Now would be a good time for him to call it a career...


I was just watching Joe Wilson on McLaughlin's one-on-one. Apparently days before Bob Novak published his column exposing Valerie plame, he was speaking to people on the street saying things like "Wilson is an asshole and his wife is a CIA agent."

Apparently the CIA itself asked the Justice Department to investigate exactly who leaked Valerie Plame's identity as a covert operative. There is also an open letter circulating from former CIA agents condemning these actions as a criminal violation.

Also Wilson's report that exposed the blatantly fabricated evidence that Iraq had purchased yellowcake from Niger was confirmed by two similar reports, one coming from another diplomat, and one coming from a Marine four-star general. All of which were received by the Bush administration and evaluated before Bush gave his State of the Union pushing this position that they knew full well had been soundly discredited.

Also, Rove was videotaped back in 2003 saying that he didn't know Joe Wilson's wife, and that he didn't even know her name, but the Rove's and the Wilson's belong to the same church, and receive newsletters with the names of all the parishioners on them.

It's interesting that Wilson has been working in the government since the first Bush administration and was always viewed as having integrity by his former bosses and colleagues, until this administration. Sounds remarkably similar to a number of other individuals who've worked for this administration, and then been defamed and slandered when they wouldn't play along with the Bush administration's little games.

Maybe Bob Novak and Karl Rove will get to share a cell together at Leavenworth. If there's any justice that's where George Bush will wind up as well, doing life. And of course in the afterlife he'll have some explaining to do as well.

George W. Bush -- "But Lord, I just did what you told me to do. How can you punish me for that?"

GOD -- "No George that wasn't me whispering in your ear, that was Paul Wolfowitz and Karl Rove. I'm afraid I'm going to have to consign you to that lower region where all Machiavellian despots reside.

Because you see Georgie, you forgot a few of the most important commandments, thou shalt not take the Lord thy God's name in vain, thou shalt not bear false witness, and last but certainly not least, thou shall not murder. You remember those don't you George?. Yes well you're going to have eternity to think about them.

But don't worry my boy, because all your friends are waiting for you there."

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