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August 09, 2005


Agi T. Prop

Bush really said "People who don't understand intelligent design are living in the past"?!

Oh dear.


Great graphics! Have you used Hieronymus Bosch in any of the montages?

Words Have Power

When Bush speaks of intellegent design, he is sending a clear message to his religious right base. The impact of this foolishness on America's capacity to educate, or more importantly, compete economically in a world driven by the development of new technology is not part of this equation.

The man is a idiot , but he is a shrewd and calculating idiot. Some idiots are only dangerous to themselves. Bush is a danger to us all.

Lab Kat

I can't believe he uttered the word "intelligent" with a straight face.


James Kennedy (Pseudo Dr.) of the Coral Ridge Ministries just came out with his "The Root Of The Problem" wingnuttery, in which he says that marxism, facism, communism, nazism and racism are all based on the theory of evolution?!?! He makes an argument that if you believe in evolution you must fall into one of the aforementioned categories.

He also says that all of the original great scientist such as Isaac Newton were all creationists. Fascinating delusions! A must see if you want to catch wingnuttery at its best. The Coral Ridge website has the broadcast dates. I was channel surfing and happened to catch a few minutes of the broadcast on Sunday. I was in awe of the complete delusion of this man, it was one of those "Ya got to see it to beleive it" moments....


Or that he pronounced "intelligent" correctly.

The past, the future, the present, what difference is there really?

It's like our leadership got to the worst part of post-modernist philosophy, found it to be brilliant, and decided to stay there indefinitely. "Stuck in the past"? "Intelligent design"? I'm so puzzled. But then that's because they're so moronic, their thought so basic, there is no answer to the puzzle.

The scary part is that there are a lot of thinking people, liberal people, who sign up for this ID crap. A friend of mine out here in Cali is a pediatrician, a liberal, and a believer in ID. I talked to him about it just the other day. He's a Christian so that's part of it. But mostly he argued that it didn't make sense to him that atrophy could lead to humanity. It was a frustrating conversation because, in theory at least, he's a scientist! When he talked about the human soul as the reason for his belief, and then talked about how God just got the evolution thing rolling, I asked him whether or not all the creatures on the steps to human have souls too, or if God injected "soul" once we left the caves and all those "lesser" creatures are souless as the good book says. Funny; he didn't answer that. Instead he went into the kitchen and ate some leftover steak.

Please God, if you exist, help us!!

Shakespeare's Sister

I answered your Question of the Day here, Joe.

The Green Knight

Living in the past???

Hoo boy.

The CultureGhost

Gorgeous cover! Outstanding!

Agi T. Prop

Kate, it probably sounded more like "intelljunt dazign"

Darryl Pearce

We'll need a cite of a source where Bush said, "PEOPLE WHO DON'T UNDERSTAND INTELLIGENT DESIGN ARE LIVING IN THE PAST". Please confirm...

Darryl Pearce

Thanks for the clarification, Joe.

Let me just say: this administration has done such a FINE JOB of catching up with whatever PARODY we through at them, it's almost a bit like Lamarkian evolution....

Bush/Cheney 08 ~ When reality catches up with SATIRE

Dear God, I've DONE it AGAIN!

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