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August 17, 2005


Agi T. Prop

Great graphic. The Green Knight has a photo of the Pieta. The Mary/Christ metaphor couldn't be clearer. Here's a man (Casey) who gave up his life in service of others and now his mother is left to weep in his absence.

Night Bird

Thanks Heretik!!


What is a growing "the thing?"

Elayne Riggs

I dunno, visually it's kinda creepy to me. Sheehan's face doesn't really fit on that particular Madonna figure. Maybe it's the angle...

Mad Dog Vinnie

Kinda looks to me that she's about ready to call the ACLU because the Christ Child is all set to kick her ass and make her like it.

Why doesn't Cindy SHUT UP AND SERVE by sitting in a ditch in Iraq with a .50 cal waiting for the terrorists who actually killed her son?

Come to think of it, why don't you SHUT UP AND SERVE by joining the jihad you so love to defend?

Armchair Jihadis, too chicken to come out from your computer to blow yourselves up in the name of multiculturalism.


Oh yes..Cindy is SO peaceful looking. She's a mouthpiece for the radical left and it's obvious. She can't let her son rest in peace. I would be ashamed of she were my mother.

I agree with everything Vinnie says.

The Heretik

Very elegantly put, Mad Dog. Looking forward to seeing your new blog Frothings from the Mad Dog. And thank you for pointing out the value of the First Amendment.

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