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August 30, 2005



I'd been thinking seriously about joining Cindy's crusade. If they would have promised to feed me and let me sleep in someone's tent, I'd have been on that bandwagon in a heartbeat.
I don't know about giving peace a chance, but I do know the press seems to have warmed to Cindy. They may report the trash the right's trying to sell about her, but they do it with a hint of sarcasm and you can tell they don't believe it either. Who knew a sweet little housewife from California could be the one to give GDubya a giant headache.
You just know he's thanking Katrina for giving him an excuse to cut his vacation short and get the heck out of Crawford. I can just see him, Cheney and Rove sitting around the oval office saying 'Yeah, that hurricane was mighty bad for them folks down in the south, but she sure did us a favor. We got us a reason to come back home (it is home to them) and we got a damn good excuse to get those oil prices hiked up some more. Damned if that ain't a win/win for us. I'm gonna have to be sure one of my grandbabies is named Katrian...'

Night Bird

I think your wife is a very intelligent and smart person.

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