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August 10, 2005


Lance Mannion

The Confederate Yankee is ashamed on Casey Sheehan's behalf? He knows how Sheehan would feel about his mother? Boy, I wish I had his Ouija Board. There are a few ghosts I'd like to talk to.

I've had brushing contact with the Confederate Yankee. He lives near me and he once linked to my page. No traffic at all resulted. I wrote about him though, speculating on his, ahem, clever nom de blog.

"Just got my first link from the right side of the virtual aisle. Fellow calling himself Confederate Yankee, which I first took as a play on Mark Twain's Connecticut Yankee and therefore kind of liked. But thinking it over, I'm wondering if it isn't just a statement of his geographic history, his way of saying he's a Southerner transplated to the North. I hope that's all it is. I'd hate to think it represents his personal feeling that slavery and Secession were good ideas."

I'd still hate to think it, but it gets easier to think it and know I'm probably right after posts like his on the Sheehans. People who think ugly one way, tend to think ugly most ways.

Confederate Yankee

Well if it isn't my good friend Lance Mannion, off accusing people of being racists again. It seems some things never change, do they Lance?

Back on topic: Casey Sheehan volunteered for the army. Casey Sheehan volunteered to reenlist in a war he believed in. Casey Sheehan volunteered to go on a dangerous rescue mission in Baghdad, becuase he believed in that mission. His actions speak for him Lance, and they are 180-degrees opposite of the views of his mother.

I should hope that in the unfortunate even that you should pass away, that your relatives don't cravenly try to exploit the sympathy they get over your passing to trash everything you believe in.

Night Bird

Fuck off Confederate!

Lance Mannion

Oh let him rant Night Bird. What else has the little twerp got going for him?

He's got no audience, he's got a stupid nom de blog that announces he's a racist then denies he is one, which means he either doesn't know what a Confederate was or he doesn't think we know what one was, and he thinks that by bragging on Casey Sheehan's heroism he is somehow a hero himself.

Not much of a claim in life is it?

Lance Mannion

Oh, and PS CY, my family is under no obligations to believe what I believe or act against their consciences just because I might have disagreed with them when I was alive.

Cindy Sheehan isn't obligated to stop being a person in her own right because her son died to make you feel brave.

Chuck, Left Of Left

RUH-ROH NB! Who you been takin' lessons from woman? :)

Let me apologize for my outburst over at the DNC blog, but I can't let some troll tell me to pack up and leave my country without inviting him to "throw down" and offering him his worthless head.

Night Bird

LOL Chuck! I swear to you I read your post AFTER my response to the little twerp. Made me smile though.

Lance, I have not heard that phrase for a while!!

Chuck, Left Of Left

Something in the air or just reaching the limit with trolls, eh Night Bird? :)

Lance Mannion

Night Bird, really? I hear it all the time. Mostly in bars. And I don't what I do to get all these women so mad at me.

Night Bird

HA HA HA Lance, hey beats me...You are in rare form tonight!!

and do you know Chuck...he is a cool guy...but don't ask him about feels.

Lance Mannion

NB, I have not had the honor of knowing Chuck, but I have had the pleasure of reading his work. And I won't ask.

Night Bird

I believe something is in the air...such as a little twerp flying off to Illinois to sign an Energy Bill instead of meeting with Cindy, the mother of a fallen soldier.


Speaking as a vet, I'm thinking that Casey Sheehan didn't volunteer or re-enlist because he believed in something as lofty and ephemeral as freedom; he volunteered and re-enlisted and fought because he loved his friends, and wanted them to live. You don't fight for the flag; you fight because you're going to get your buddy's back, and he'll get yours.


The reason our Confederate Traitor (and yes, that's what the confederates were) hates Cindy Sheehan is because she is the most powerful woman in America. Nothing he says, or any other Bush supporter says, can hurt her. Nothing Bush or his thugs do can hurt her. They can torture her alongside other "enemy combatants", lock her up in Guantanamo, send her to Syria to be "corrected", call her a traitor, an anti-American soldier-hater, and still they will not have hurt her as much as she has already been hurt by the death of her son. She has felt more hurt and pain and heartbreak than they can even fathom. Not even taking away her life could hurt her more than the pain she has already endured.

She knows this. Apparently they don't.


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