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August 16, 2005


Shakespeare's Sister

I couldn't possibly pick a favorite, but right now, I'm feeling inclined to recommend Maurinsky, who authors Laughing Wild, because of this post. A great line: "Now, women who give birth usually do leave the workplace for a time, although I know a lot of women who went back to work as soon as their six weeks of maternity leave was over. (Six weeks, that's only one week longer than just one of George Bush's annual vacations.)"


Pseudo-Adrienne has been on a roll.

And Marian is asking some uncomfortable questions about whitebread management running whitebread news organizations.

I will blogwhore here.

Mannion's Mother

That PAM DURHAM seems very nice.

Shakespeare's Sister

Pam? Never heard of her. I'll have to check her out.

Night Bird

This Karen is very nice.


That's a tough question, but I'm probably gonna say Pam in Durham too, although there are many excellent ones -- Maurinsky is wonderful too, as is Feministing, Roxanne, Jeralyn, Arianna, SZ, and others I know I am forgetting. I'll put in a plug for two new women bloggers, SomeWateryTart and These here united states of ammurica who I read all the time.

Night Bird

And of course this special person


Alas, nothing about women, unless you scroll down to my Cindy@Crawford post, but I did take a stab at a liberal anti-OIF critique that hopefully sounds tough and pragmatic, rather than hand-wringing and soft on defense. Any feedback would be appreciated...


My favorite is my own.. however, there are so many fantastic sites, I don't know which one to pick if I couldn't pick mine.
If you're into reading short stories, The Practical Press has some great stuff!

Mannion's Mother

Eli, you can whore your own blog too.


Let me offer a bunch just in case one or two is unknown--I'll avoid the supra-famous like Shake Sis, Sub Guer, Majik, Riverbend and Pam.

I've learned a great deal from Medbh Sings; for literary stuff, really dig Moorish Girl; three very smart ladies kick out Whirled View; Another Irani Online is, if I may say this, just a sweetheart; Disenchanted Forest has consistently good to great posts with (cry cry) almost no comments or feedback; and Grrl Scientist @ Living the Scientific Life just rocks and rules my world.

The Heretik


Mannion's Mother



Eli, you can whore your own blog too.

I thought I just did...

Thanks, H!


Wait, non-white people go missing too???

Who knew?

Agi T. Prop

Evening Heretik. If you would allow me to make but a brief appearance. I'd like to say hello to the ladies out there, especially some of my favorite female bloggers Shakes Sis, Pam, Roxanne and both women from Feministe. Your voices are strong and most needed in the blogosphere.

Hey Sheelzebub, you wouldn't happen to live in the OC would you? (I noticed your Haidl post). If so, I'm trying to start a chapter of Drinking Liberally down here.


I bow low to all the female bloggers already named, along with Philly icons Susie, somegirl, and, of course, the all-powerful Mac.

Heretik regulars Pepper and Media Girl haven't been mentioned yet, but should should Bitch Ph.D.

One female blogger whose work I often enjoy is cookie from It's Recess-time Somewhere

Finally, if it's late at night, and you're looking to add some spice to your blogroll, I urge you to check out Rollertrain (nws, and damn proud of it)

media girl

I think just about all the women on feminist blogs are wonderful.

Thanks, Matt, for the mention. I don't think my rants measure up to the others mentioned, but the other women on our site are wonderful.

Mannion's Mother

Thanks for the info, Matt. Will check out all those you suggest.


I was pleasantly surprised to see Aquaria has a "new" post up. She has been even more sporadic than I at posting. - - - I would love a beer - now that I live in OR give me a Oregon brew - surprise me. . .

The Heretik

Good stuff comes from THE GODESS. I also really like to get the news from AVEDON


I love me. I'm the best me I can be. And of course I never miss Riggsveda.


I'm so sorry I didn't mention you, eRobin! I love Fact-esque with a passion that is positively bottomless-esque. Now if only we could find your site on the internets...


Ooh and i have to mention Lindsay at I don't always agree with her but she is a fount of interesting tidbits.

media girl

I think lorraine at culture kitchen is incredible.

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