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August 14, 2005


Neil Shakespeare

Need a hero? BUY ONE. Buried in the NYT "Reach of War" link on its web page is an article entitled "The Other Army" by Daniel Bergen that documents the 25,000 (yes, that's 25,000!) mercenaries funded by OUR GOVERNMENT, or 16% (yes, that 16%!) of our total "manpower" in Iraq. The policy of "private contracting" has been deliberately followed by this administration to coverup their incompetence in executing this fiasco. Huge government contracts worth billions of dollars. These are OUR mercenaries, not any of the dozens of "private militias" of the various fighting Iraqi entities.


What an amazing and beautiful post!!! It leaves me humbled by my inability to respond.
If you need a hero, look no further than the men and women who remain strong in the face of the evil that has infected our government and it's leaders. Yes, they are small, and for the most part go unnoticed, but they continue their vigil. They continue to stand up for peace, for the dignity of all. Not just those who share their religious or political beliefs. They stand against war and it's ghastly trimmings. They protest along dusty dirty roads, they write in blogs and online journals. They write for newspapers, where their work is met with scorn and distain. They may be appear to be small and insignificant ripples on the pond but they continue to make those ripples, least the pond become stagnant with hate and prejudice. These are our hero's.
"We may not realize it now, but those who follow will. And that in the end is all that matters."


Awesome stuff Heretik!
Thanks Neil for pointing out the article
The Other Army

A NeoCon Dream is to one day have a fully privatized military force that can serve the corporate will without having to get approval from the pesky Congress or American People.

Neil Shakespeare

Wanda: YES! BUT THESE CONS STILL WANT THE TAXPAYERS TO PAY FOR IT, AND APPARENTLY THEY'VE SUCCEEDED! I knew there were mercenaries over there, of course, but I had no idea of the extent of it. I just checked the NYT page and see it's already #5 on their emailed articles list. Everything about this war and these bastards running it pisses me off, but this really puts a blaze in my shorts.

Words Have Power

I think that Cindy Sheehan is a hero in the RFK mold. She sees things as they are and has the courage and vision to try and change them to what they should be.

Earlier I wrote about Ms. Sheehan:

"...what Cindy Sheehan is doing with her vigil is exposing the hypocrisy of the Bush Administration. She is shining a light on the lack of values and morality that are at the heart of the Bush Presidency. She is, by her quiet dignity, separating the words "compassionate" and "conservative" is such a way that neither George Bush nor his theocratic allies on the religious right will every be able to put the two together again."

Making America work is not a one time fix, it is a lifetime process. RFK saw that. We all need to understand that.


Night Bird

Nice post Heretik!

Night Bird

I seem to recall those words, very clearly!

The Heretik

For anybody who can make it to Binghamton, New York mid September, I relay the following information about some of my heroes :THE SAINT PATRICK'S DAY FOUR

Here is some info:
Join us during the St. Patrick's Four Trial -
The Only Federal Conspiracy Trial of
Civilian Anti-War Activists
September 19, 2005 - Binghamton, NY
Federal Court

Also join us every evening after trial @ 7 pm for a
Citizens' Tribunal on the Iraq War
across from court @ Christ Episcopal Church
A 5-night tribunal to articulate the legal, moral, and historical defense
for civil resistance to this illegal war.

CONFIRMED: Ray McGovern, Medea Benjamin, Camilo Mejia,
Kathy Kelly, John Bonifaz, Cindy Sheehan, Jimmy Massey,
Liz McAlister, U.S. Rep. Hinchey and others.

September 18, Sunday @ Christ Episcopal Church, a
"Festival of Hope" to kick off the trial!
A day of sharing faith, hope, music, food and community!


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I_need_a_hero.. Nifty :)

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