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August 27, 2005



Hey :) I added you to the list of Haiti blogs. Sorry I didn't do it the first time around. I used the link to the IN OUR SPHERE posts.


I really like your blog.

Its disgusting that the United States has caused the deaths in Haiti along with all the other problems the people there are suffering. Our media never reports about any of this. They are too busy telling us how much we love Iraqi and how we are freeing them and giving them democracy.


Devolution is right, Heretik. Clearly many people benefit from breeding chaos, our administration included.

What a mess. Do you know if this is getting any coverage in Europe? Or are they as clueless as we are? This is exactly the sort of situation the UN could, and should, intervene in. As if that will happen...

The Heretik

Kate, the UN is already in Haiti aiding and abetting the evil. In some instances UN forces act alone, in others they act in partnership with local police and militia.


I should have guessed, Heretik. They have not been much better in Africa. My friend Rebecca leaves for Nigeria on Tuesday. She's going on a Fulbright to study youth violence and religion. She's worked with MSF for eight years in Sierra Leone, Angola, Congo, Nigeria, and a handful of other countries. She told me that in Nigeria villagers starting calling men with guns "sobels": they could have been soldiers, they could have been rebels. It made no difference. They were all the same.

Agi T. Prop

Africa is a really sad case. Take Niger for example. The United States used this poor country just sell a war based on fake documents. So much for uranium...the people of Niger don't even have food survive.

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