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August 19, 2005


Words Have Power

I looked at Bush through the eyes of Frank Capra yesterday. If you remember "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington", in the end the basic humanity of Mr. Smith's opponent, Senator Paine, saves Smith. We'll I conclude that Bush has no "basic humanity" nor any real sense of compassion. He is as you portray him, Narcissus, staring at his presidential image in his custom made presidential flight suit.

I pray it is the beginning of the end for Bush and his cronies.

Does George Bush Have Any Decency?


Missed this the first time out. Great post.


Don't forget to include in the American Casualties in this War on Terror which we did not start those killed in Beruit and places like The World Trade Center. Let us not forget how things went during Jimmy Carter's years of trying to appease the Terrorists. Remember the IRANIAN HOSTAGE CRISIS?
Yeah, we had a bunch of our citizens held for like 444 days by extremist muslims, and it is widely believed to be very credible intelligence that Admittednutjob or how however you spell it, the current president of Iran, has some responsibility for the hostage crisis.


Amen Why is it that people only think that the wrold terror started after 9/11. What about the Iranian hostages? The Cole? The Marine Barracks in Beriut? I support what Bush is doing to protect the people of this nation. We should thank whatever God you choose that we have had no attacks on this country since 9/11.

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