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August 29, 2005


Michael Hawkins

I knew she was The Enemy. Now we find out that Kissinger is in on the plot -- not a big surprise there, I guess. I wish his soup would've spilled on his lap, the bastard....

Leah A

Is this going to be continued? I hope so, you're onto something here.

What's nice, Joe Ivory, is that you've allowed her to look quite lovely, cute, even, with those freckles and the teeth gap, which is always endearing, and the poet in you has designed or chosen a headwrap that's flattering.

Some years ago, I was close to an Egyptian Doctor who was doing her residency in New York. She was a live wire feminist who took crap from no one, and she was also a committed Muslim of a distinctly liberal nature. By her own choice, she always wore a headscarf or wrap, except at home. It made perfect sense in terms of who she was, and in no way signified any male or religious domination in the way she lived her life. Significantly, she did not require her two daughters to follow her example, and even discouraged them until they were old enough to make their own decisions.

I kept thinking of my friend when Condi made that trip to Egypt and tried to pretend that the upcoming election had anything to do with democracy, since the ruling party continues to make the rules and decide who can run. Cute and gapped teeth only go so far.

Agi T. Prop

Can we call her Condoleezza Couscous instead?


One could easily choke on a salami sandwich from the Carnegie.


Some of us could evil-mindedly wish she had choked on a salami sandwitch from the Carnegie. But that would be evil. I am not evil. I am not evil. I am not evil.

Nope, still not helping........

Night Bird

but you are consistent Rook!


Too funny. Too freaking clever.


Let me plug Another Irani Online. My choice for retro-blogger: the much undervalued Marget Fuller. The one essay/story by a contemporary woman author I wish every American citizen would read: Terry Tempest Williams, The Clan of One-Breasted Women.

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