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August 01, 2005



Mimosa, please, Monsieur.

A couple of off-kilter ones for the house:

News of the weird: Lucianne babysat Al Gore

Long live carbs: Atkins files for bankruptcy


Wow! Not just one link, but two, two, two links for the price of one! Thanks Heretik! I'll take a depth charge with an extra shot of expresso. In fact, make it a round! It's on me tonight.

The Heretik

Mimosa, espresso. And I don't think I can skimp on the oy sauce. Oy. These days just grow more absurd. Lucianne babysitting Al Gore? The next thing you will tell me is we have some guy who wants to dismantle the UN as our guy . . . at the UN.


Naw, that could never happe...... Ouch! Damn, I bit my tongue. God, that hurts. I really hate when I do that. I should know better then to hold my tongue so close to my cheek like that.

Earl Bockenfeld

I have a Bush graphic, that I stole from someplace, that I think you could enjoy.
It's called "The Iraqi Rocky Horror Show" and it's really about Chenney's wet dream
about nuking Iran if the terrorist hit the US again. Which the government claims is
"not if but when".

Take care, and keep up the fight.

Richard Cranium

Now, wait just a second, pamindurham, I lost a lot of pudge on a low carb diet.

Gained most of it back, unfortunately. I loves my freedom fries too much, I guess. And low carb beer? Pffft. Please.

The upside is, wifey's kept her's off. Rumor has it she's "hot" now.


Not eating carbs just isn't nautral. Bellies, however, are very natural, and I happen to like mine.

The Heretik

What is natural and desirable? An argument of the ages.

Richard Cranium

I figure mine was bought and paid for a long time ago, tas. ;)

Richard Cranium

And I loves me some blues, as much as freedom fries. Unfortunately, Lefty's is a bit quiet tonight, and I must repose in preparation for descending again in the morning into the salt mines.

Jeez, the real world sucks.


Yo and hello. Fun read @ Mithras, a Philly future blogger, btw: Conservative Blog Taxonomy. I'm already two ales up -- so I'll just settle for a GnT chaser.


Hi. I'm here. But been in a really bitchy mood lately. Have been having to take several deep breaths and several minutes respite else I'd be responding to most emails with short expletives.

The Heretik

It has been a manic Monday. Thanks for the link on Mithras, Thom. And don't forget the Patriot Act Update

The Heretik

Who have you pissed off this time, Idyllo? Did somebody blow up about the balloon fest?


No, balloons didn't piss anyone off. I don't have enough readers to piss anyone off except for the occasional person who wanders in via a Google search looking for something and decides to unload. I've just been really cranky with my encounters lately with people who have a centimenter's allowance for peripheral vision. And I'm cranky with Bolton and Bush and Iran and the possiblity of Bush pulling some deep underground nuke exercise with Iran and protests not working and this not working and that not working and voting not working and everything in general being down the crapper.


Iran really worries me. Like everything else doesn't. But this nuke thing. ..and people will protest and they'll do whatever they please and by the time they do what they do it'll be too damned late andwe'll live with it for the next umpteen generations.

"Halliburton announced on Friday (July 25) that its KBR division, responsible for carrying out Pentagon contracts, experienced a 284 percent increase in operating profits during the second quarter of this year."

Man. They're not going to walk away from that kind of money. Insane.

The Heretik

Yeah, that. Understood. But some people are doing something. I'm not giving in. As far as Bolton goes, the whole point of the recess appointment by Bush was a display of apparent power, but which in reality is one of a series of last gasps. These political vampires are being found out for the monsters they are, J.


Hi all. Thanks for the link, Joe.


People are doing something. Yes. People have been doing something for years. People have been doing the small and the big and it all taken together makes for a good deal of effort pursued with great integrity.

We still have Afghanistan. We still have Iraq. And I'm worried about a repeat with Iran, plus some crazy, absolutely insane add-ons weaponry-wise. And if Iraq looks like it's from hell, wait for Iran.

I'm afraid it's not a last great gasp. I wish it was. Wish I shared your optimism.

The Heretik

It's what I'm here for, Catherine. Car bomb? Or Cab tonight?


Cab tonight, please.


So, I have one thought. Do you think that they made a deal Bolton for getting veto override for stem cell funding? Just a thought.

The Heretik

When does Bush deal? He would much rather poke you in the eye than meet you eye to eye. Oy.


Maybe. Maybe not. Perhaps Frist and Specter wnet after it?? Just remembering my days as a former staffer . . . .

The Heretik

It does seem like Frist is cutting down on the embalming fluid before bed. I would love to see somebody leak something on this. The deal. Not Frist and his embalming fluid. Leaking. Oy.

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