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August 13, 2005



Perhaps the arrests could be done by age, beginning with the oldest and working toward the youngest (and what are we to do with newborns? given that they are born into sin, might we adjudge them to be both sinful and threatful?). This would accomplish several objectives, and I offer them here in no particular order:

- Health care for seniors will not be a problem. Where a national health care plan might be seen by some as socialist, an incarcerated health care plan shows that we're tough on crime.

- Given that health care in prisons need not be up to the standards of Sloan-Kettering, we could reasonably expect that seniors would not live as long as they might otherwise, which will engender greater efficiency in our new national jailcare system.

- Seniors will be ineligible for Social Security benefits while behind bars. Crisis averted!

And so on and so on. Not to sound too Jonathan Swift here, but I say let's set to work rounding them up. We have a country to preserve here.


I'm sure he had a really good reason for having a pipe bomb in the first place...

Science project?

The Heretik

Starting with the old may seem best, followed by the very young and the weak. Before we can get to them, though, thought should be given to rounding up those who think not like the rest of us. If in the process we lose who we are, we will have even less to worry about.

On the other hand, if we hold onto liberty, the price will be worry on things we cannot always control. What do you prefer? A security which can never be complete? Or the risk of liberty?


Jlo, I love it.

Only a matter of time before someone from the Cato Institute will steals your ideas, add a few tax cuts, and then sends the final version on the way as a bill to house.

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