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August 28, 2005



How people can protest for a war. What next? Protesting for the right to be harassed by the cops?

Shakespeare's Sister

Are they protesting for a war, or against free speech? I think it's the latter, which, of course, creates just a ludicrous irony the contemplation of which nearly makes my head explode.


A pro-government protest just seems weird in general to me. That's, um, not really what protests are *for*...

The Green Knight

Hey! The Morans are a nice Irish family, and they're my cousins!

The guy with the sign and I are gonna fight.

Night Bird

Protest Warriors, they call themselves.

"You are giving hope and encouragement to the enemies of America," said former California Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian, a Republican who co-founded Move America Forward, the group that coordinated the rally.

ol cranky

It appears as though they're actually protesting Cindy Sheehan;Glenn Beck's brilliant listeners, in particular. Talk Left has some more signage for their consideration (which is good, because too many words seem to confuse them).


I don't misunderstand the Democratic party; I'm afraid I understand it all too well, and I'm tired of it.


She sells DU shells by the Dead Sea shore.

Agi T. Prop

Linkmeister, I'll second that. I think the Democrats are a bunch of dumbasses.
(I'm speaking of Congressional Dems).


I'm with Amanda. What mental loop de loops come after protesting for a war?

Hey, Morans. No more vaccines. We want our smallpox and polio.

Hey, Morans. Lock me up and throw away the key harder. Build a bigger better Bastille.

Hey, Morans. Torture's cool. The Geneva Convention is quaint...

Uh-oh. Wait a minute...

love Spanish Christian music

there's no many things to protest about there a people that live for it....

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