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July 20, 2005


ol cranky

His wife is a parnter at Shawn Pittman - one stop shopping at rebuilding Iraq.


Although I'm skeptical of any one sitting on the Supreme Court with so little judicial experience, I think this was far and away the best pick that George Bush could have made, given his limited choices.

Ideology aside, John Roberts impresses me with the caliber of his mind. A true scholar, his successful record of arguments before the Supreme Court speaks volumes about his abilities. Likely Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas were both intimidated by the power of his logic when he argued before them. In comparison they are both mental midgets.

Unfortunately, given the underhanded, secretive and stealth tactics of the Bush administration, it's quite possible that he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Someone who pretends to be one thing in order to advance their career, while hiding their true self. We'll see.

That said, I think he will be easily confirmed, especially considering his credentials and the fact that there is no one that the Bush machine could nominate who would be more acceptable to either side. While he appears to have some antichoice leanings, there's no knowing whether his ideology will influence his decisions on the bench, I hope not.

But if he shows the ethical structure which his background suggests, those on the right will be sorely disappointed. Because he'll be siding with Souter, a true judicial scholar, every time and quietly laughing at Scalia and Thomas, the way smart people always laugh at the feeble arguments of their underlings. If so look for him to make Chief Justice someday.

Randy Bull

I think that the influence of the Court is overestimated. Senator Susan Collins point out the other day that the real battle over Roberts is going to be between special interest groups. These groups have to do battle to justify their existance and to keep the funds flowing in. One of the reasons the religious right has been proclaiming victory is to demonstrate to the folks writing checks that they are in the game. Yet, they don't have a clue how Roberts will rule or dissent when he joins the gang at SCOTUS.

I have a post up on Word Have Power that offers the following from Rosa Brooks (University of Virginia law professor):

"Supreme Court decisions are more of a mirror than a catalyst, reflecting public opinion far more than they shift it. This shouldn't surprise us; Supreme Court justices, like the rest of us, are influenced by shifting social mores. And they know that the court's institutional credibility — and ability to get its decisions enforced — depends on not getting too far ahead of the curve."

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