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July 04, 2005



A decent man doing indecent things? Please. There is simply no way that a decent man either could or *would* make his way into the Bush inner circle. Even the tiniest trace of soul or conscience is like garlic to vampires among that crowd.

Steve Bates

Most of us have done things in our past that we would rather not think about. But for most of us, and I include myself, those things do not include murder, torture, extraordinary rendition, indefinite internment without charge, or the justification of someone else's doing those things.

What would it take to drive us to do such deeds? In the case of Gonzales, all it took was the desire of the group of fanatics in charge of our government to do them. In my opinion, that's a mightly low threshold. Gonzales did not belong in any of his previous positions or his current job, let alone the U.S. Supreme Court.


I was trying to figure out what this had to do with Wolf Blitzer.

Night Bird

Gonzales may very well have become a Wolfman in these recent dark nights...but he has long possessed a character that simply does NOT respect human life nor law.

In addition to his callous indifference to human dignity, exhibiting by his memos justifying torture, the Wolfman Gonzales has an equally dismal record to human life regarding the administration of the death penalty.

Wolfman Gonzales never fit the mold for Attorney General, yet he was appointed. It should be long remembered that 6 Democrats voted to appoint Gonzales.

Now, this same man, that shows no regard for human decency is actually being considered for the U.S. Supreme.

Incomprehensible is the only word that comes to mind.

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