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July 30, 2005


Night Bird

No Kool-aid for me aka suckerpunch!

Mimus Pauly

OH NO!!!


Shakespeare's Sister

LOLOLOL! Brilliant!


hey Kool-Aid!


I cannot comment on an ongoing investigation due to fact that it is an ongoing investigation...

Night Bird

To give you some idea of the level of nonsense the Bush regime tried to peddle, consider this (from Wikipedia):

Yellowcake is unenriched uranium and cannot by itself be used for a nuclear weapon. In a reactor, however, it may be used to breed plutonium, which can be used in weapons. It may also be enriched, by being converted to uranium hexafluoride gas (UF6), for isotope separation by diffusion or centrifugal force to produce enriched uranium suitable for use in weapons and reactors.

In other words, even if the French had sold yellowcake to Hussein, he would have needed high-speed gas centrifuges or a breeder-reactor to make weapons grade materials from it. You don’t buy these at your local supermarket, and you certainly don’t sneak them into the country while UN weapons inspectors are peeking under every rock. Could you build and run this equipment in secret? Perhaps—and maybe you could build the Hoover Dam across Times Square without anyone noticing.

But there’s a part of this puzzle that still needs an answer. Why wasn’t the world falling about laughing when Bush tried to sell his lies to us?

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