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July 23, 2005



Indeed, John Roberts can be just as unfunny sitting down.

The Heretik

I guess we should be more worried about his potential sit down non comedy.


I think this guy is gonna be a "supreme" Republican and leave us all scratching our heads. Be aware, be alert (whatever a lert is), and be informed!! Hi, bye, Heretik!!

DuWayne Brayton

light crowd tonight, eh? Got some knob creek?

Paul T. Geist

Duwayne, there are ghosts that will happily serve you.

DuWayne Brayton

Good, feeling quite like a ghost myslef this evening

Paul T. Geist

Well a spirit might help you.

DuWayne Brayton

Thanx for the drink - I am exausted and will retire shortly, good evening fellow spirits, friends.

Night Bird

Peace, love and spirits!

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