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July 22, 2005


Night Bird

Morning Heretik! How is the peak, have you got the router yet?? I have one - can we visit?

I would definitely agree with your last paragraph. Sadly enough many have bought that ticket. Not I Sir, I know exactly what happened since bushka stole the election of 2000.

As I said once...the weekend after 9/11 I opened up my home, a house on hill in the country to New Yorkers that needed to get out of the seiged city. The following Monday I went down to the city and witnessed the sad state of my city. I went to the West Side Drive and gave out sandwiches and water to the workers.

I visited a firehouse that lost 3 fire fighters and my daughter noticed that the fire truck was not in the station. It was a sad time, but a time that reinforced me. Two years later the repugs did it all again. I believe many more people were reinforced then too.

Londoners are the latest victims of the fear factor!


The reprioritization of America.

Defeating the terrorists, priority one, all other priorities rescinded.

Priorities like free speech, free association and expression and freedom of the press, privacy etc.

The underlying goal of Islamic fundamentalism and the terrorists following their precepts are to put an end to free liberal societies.

We shouldn't be helping them along.

Ol Cranky

it's quite the bloody and mccarthyesque coup the bushies have enacted, let's just hpe people wake up in time to try to get back some control in the mid-terms - or will we lose the right to vote before then?


What is to be effective now?

Do we march naked into our local FBI offices carrying index cards noting everything we eat and read?

Clearly privacy has become the sole domain of the executive branch and their corporate cohorts.


Another really important thing that has fallen to the wayside is the BLM's plans to open Alaska's wilderness area to oil and gas drilling as well as hard rock mining.

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