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July 29, 2005


Grace Nearing

Bush is not an idiot and he's not a genius. He's not a puppet, either. He's a front (and an affront, too). A front has to be plausible. A front cannot be an idiot -- that's too dangerous -- but he can't be ambitous for himself; nor can he be a deep thinker, since you don't want a front to start having his own ideas. A front has to be unquestionably in agreement with your motives and end game; that aspect can't be leveraged. Because of the risk of mutual exposure, loyalty on both sides is paramount. And what does the front get out of all of this? In Bush's case, he gets to be something that otherwise would have been absurd to think about: he gets to be president of the world's only superpower. At best you could say that Bush has great talent and ability for being a front.


Is George Bush Blogenlust's Idiot or Powerline's Genius?

I'll give the postmodern answer. He is both an idiot and a genius while being neither at the same time.


He's a sociopath.

Morgaine Swann

Bush is not a cowboy. He's from Kennebunkport. His malapropisms are part of the act - he's a corporate product, like Fox News and Jessica Simpson. He is all facade, and as far as I can tell, is controlled by Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. He actually believes "God" is speaking to him. He has no concept of other people - just like any other sociopath. They tell him he's God's favorite, and he says what they tell him, with carefully practiced mistakes to go with his bad ass/ regular guy label. Why that works, I don't know. He's a former Cheerleader from Andover. A real bad ass would hand him his hat with his head still in it. He's also a deserter, which only goes to show you what a poor choice John Kerry was to run for President.

You might want to stop by my place sometime and look under "Teh Goddess' Greatest Hits" for my post called "My Cowboys have always been Heroes." Peace!


imho - George W. Bush is absolutely mad; as in crazy, loony, over the edge, a sociopath. Can't get over the blowing up frogs with firecrackers when he was a kid thing. So, always a sociopath or at least tending in that direction, but the cocaine probably enhanced its effects. Not at all convinced he's not still using cocaine. I believe the Administration is putting considerable effort into Bush not self-imploding soon. Let's keep comparing him to Clinton and see if we can get him to pop like the frogs!! Think he's of average intellect who happened to be born to the "right" set of circumstances, people using him and him using people to get done what they think needs doing. Unfortunate (or maybe fortunate, time will tell) he's so freaking nuts.

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