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July 26, 2005


Richard Cranium

Heretik, I am too burnt out on the infamies to go back and list any (or all).

Hey, I'm just waiting to see what kind of crisis develops in the next month while Dubya is relaxing in Crawford. I'm really interested in seeing if anything hits the Schiavo Threshold for him to return Washington. A quarter million brown people gone dead in a tsunami didn't make it (he was on Christmas holiday in Crawford, if you'll recall). So I'm wondering exactly where the threshold is.


I got nothing to say, but that picture made my morning.


How about "Natural Bolton Killers", for when he goes postal...
"The Whores", about Jim "Mr Mojo Risin" Guckert...


Tangling with Joe Wilson was dumb.
Declaring war on the CIA was dumb.
Getting openly involved with Schiavo was dumb.
Standing by DeLay was dumb.
"Bring 'em on" was criminally dumb.
"You go to war with the army you have." criminally dumb.
Ignoring "Osama determined to attack in US." dumb.
Deciding to wage war on Latin America, again - dumb.
Firing Iraqi army - criminally dumb.
Al Qa Qaa - criminally fucking dumb.

ol cranky

OMG that has got to be the best damn thing you've ever done (and you've done some pretty incredible stuff)! You need to get an award for this!


In no real order:

1) Being unprofessional about Clinton's impeachment
2) Wearing a wire during the debates for 2004
3) Allowing Rove to talk to the media
4) Blaming Democrats for obstructionism
5) Starting an air war illegally before declaring war illegally
6) Those 16 famous words of the SOTU 2003
7) Allowing the neo-cons to over-ride fiscal responsibility and limitations on government
8) Giving Halliburton a no-bid contract in Iraq
9) Bolton - nominating him, defending him, pushing the issue on him
10) Dismantling Social Security

Classic lines that bite back: "Mission Accomplished"; "Last Throes"; "Karl Rove had nothing to do with the CIA leaks. That's ridiculous"; "Cheney's office had nothing to do with the CIA leaks"; "I have political capital and I'm gonna spend it"; Those 16 famous words from the SOTU; The speech in France where his "ear voice" is overheard by microphone saying what he hadn't said yet, but then said; "If I learn that anyone in this Administration was involved in these leaks, they will no longer be in this Administration".

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