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July 20, 2005


Night Bird

ROVE LEAKED THE IDENTITY OF A CIA AGENT. Keeping Propraganda Karl in the spotlight is extremely important.


In all honesty I think he will survive. Once the Supreme Court battle arrives the MSM will forget about Rove. Remember all the fuss about DeLay? That came and went. I think that Bu$hCo will do whatever it takes to shield Bush's brain.

The Heretik

Agi, in some circles I detect a distinct weariness. We face Iraq, Rove, the Supreme Court, Guantanamo all at the same time, all as seeming separate wars,when in fact they are but different fronts. Where Bush is weak in one, he is weak in all. So to relent in one area is to give him renewed strength in another. If you someone doesn't think they can handle the multiple onslaught, they never will. But to succeed one must win the skirmishes. Rove has exposed vulnerablities that are more evident now then ever. They need to be addressed.


You've missed your true calling. You need a Performance Artist piece a la the Rude Pundit.


In all seriousness, I think Patrick Fitzgerald is more tenacious than the WH gives him credit for. While John "Father Knows Best" Roberts may take the spotlight for a day or two, I think the heat will return to Rove.

I still want to know the real reason why Bandar Bush quit his post, too.


Got a birthday card from karl Rove. Well it was really from Dick Cheney, but Karl, W, Laura, and the twin peaks--Barbara and Jenna all cursed me out. Very proud!

More seriously, I think that Rove committed treason, and it's a hell of a lot more important than lying over a blow job, and they can't and won't get away this, because I don't want to move to Canada.


You're right Heretik. It is a war with many fronts. I just get very cynical when I think about all the crimes this junta has gotten away with over the past five years. My true hope is that Bush's Brain will be removed, so that the body can no longer function properly. Or at least a labotomy? Oh, and the Dems in Congress need to do their part, grow a backbone and keep up the fight.


I think he's going down, but then again, I'm an optimist at heart.

What interests me now is who is going with him . . . and how close to Cheney the trail will eventually lead.


Hmm, and Bush used to blow up frogs by sticking fireworks in their arses. Think I finally see how Rove is going down!! :D


(Just reprising this from an earlier comment since illustrates why call Rove should burn).

I remember during the run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000, he authored a quiet campaign in the south which depicted John McCain's adopted Bangladeshi daughter as the result of miscegenation (Reproduction by parents of different races). Implying that he had secretly sired a child with a Black woman somewhere along the line. Apparently in order to garner that coveted racist white vote down in old Dixie, and those deep bastions of right-wing higher learning like Bob Jones University, where miscegenation can get you expelled, if not lynched.

I like to imagine the irony and poetic justice of Karl Rove being indicted and eventually incarcerated under the current scandal. And perhaps he'll wind up in some Oz-like federal hole where "Turd blossom" will find himself a rather unwilling participant in an interracial relationship of his own. A relationship in which he plays the submissive role, does a lot of squealing and places numerous requests for cases of anal--ease. I wonder if he'll be banned from Bob Jones University after that.

I'm sorry I digress.

I must say, at the time I would've much preferred to see John McCain get the Republican nomination and become president, given Al Gore's obvious incompetence. But after he threw his full weight of support behind George W. Bush in 2004, I've subsequently lost all respect for McCain.

There is a point at which you must put politics aside and stand up for what is right, and stand against what's wrong. John McCain has picked his side, I hope he can live with it.

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