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July 08, 2005



Today I cried. Not for the dead, they're beyond my tears, but when I read the accounts in the papers about how people helped each other.

That's what gets me, every time. When I see cars stopped for a school bus, I tear up. All the stories of people doing their best for fellow humans...

Makes me proud of my race.

ED Beckmann

I must regretfully insert my feelings of disgust at our lopsided show of empathy for Londoners compared to our indifference to the carnage in Iraq and Africa.

The Heretik

ED, I understand what you are saying and suggest you visit the Avedon link. Over there I did say: A human face on an inhuman tragedy? Here we have what humans all too humanly murderously do in madness. At such times our leaders do us disservice by tapping into vengeance without making the simple connection first that our actions and what we do have consequences severe and inevitable.

I do think it is very easy for Westerners to myopically see things that happen in our city through a magnifying glass that doesn't make it further around the globe. Still tragedy is tragedy and murder is murder.

The Netherlands sending three jets to Aruba in the cable fest of Natalee Holloway is another crazy sign of priorities.

Red State Blues

Heretik, I come here quite frequently to read your beautiful, heart-searing prose. And, of course, the poetry. It is a veritable feast of words that never ceases to make the plate overflow.

This piece, as all the others, moved me. Unfortunately, I believe that the anticipated over-reaction is more likely than not.



Heretik, I come here quite frequently to read your beautiful, heart-searing prose. And, of course, the poetry. It is a veritable feast of words that never ceases to make the plate overflow.


Night Bird

Good Morning!

While everyone is feeling so down-hearted I wanted to share our breakfast conversation.

While eating our blueberry pancakes, we got on the discussion of Opus Dei and I said "Oh now we have to contend with Ratzinger"

So my mother, who is getting on her years, but oh so very Liberal turns to me and says "I should know that name."

We all laughed and then asked her if she remembered who our Pope was.

She said "Oh yes, Dear Benedict."


Note to BBC News

I don't believe any thinking person can reasonably make the argument that the war on terrorism is not a real war . When everyday people, the common people on their way to work or school or breakfast, when those people give their lives or parts of their body in this conflict, who then can deny that this is indeed a global war. Indeed it is a war utterly bereft of any designated noncombatants or any adherence to the accepted rules of war by one faction.

Londoners and all of England have now joined that unheralded 21st-century club of those who have been on the receiving end of Islamic fundamentalists terrorist attacks in the heart of their countries. A club which includes America, Spain, Israel, Iraq etc., a club that all of us would preferably not belong, but it seems that we have little choice in the matter.

Regardless of the fact that Londoners, and the British, not to mention the Irish, understand what it means to live under a terrorist threat on their own soil, and have taken measures to prepare for and cope with such scenarios, it seems obvious that there are no preparations or measures which can ensure the safety of all under such circumstances. It would seem that we are only allotted some small respite between the emergence of groups willing to give their own lives and the lives of anyone anywhere in the promotion of their beliefs or causes. Apparently global terrorism is here to stay.

On a personal note, just let me express my deep sadness for the families of those who've lost someone they love in the carnage, and my sympathies as well for all those injured in these attacks. Small comfort I understand, but let me assure Londoners and all of England that we here in America stand beside you now, just as you stood beside us after 9/11.

The spirit of the English people is as always irrepressible. You have shown your resilience and resolve many times throughout the last century, a spirit which came shining through during the blitz of the second world war. We here in America are encouraged to see that this spirit still lives in the heart of London and across Britannia today.

In any very real sense England is America's mother country, and like all good children we stand beside our parents in time of need. We are with you.

Up the British!

Down the terrorists!


"MUCH WILL BE MADE OF THE MADNESS AND MURDER YESTERDAY IN LONDON Mayhem makes tears rivers and emotions a flood that would wash away the firm ground on which we all must stand. We must stand now for compassion for the victims. At such times many will wish to make much of what happened to the unfortunate few. As citizens of the world, we must honor the few by not allowing the many to use this sad event for further dark agendas."

You mean like the innocent daily victims in Iraq? I am so disgusted about all the attentiopn on e bomb in London gets, when the daily bombings in Iraq have become background noise. This is obviously racism. No one gives a crap about innoncent Arabs. The Brits did afterall re-elect the warmongering Blair. Iraquis had no choice (and no realtion to 9-11). We turned their counry into a hell hole, we are the terrorists...


"the attentiopn on e bomb"

In my passion I typed like a barbarian...

I meant ->

"the attention one set of bombings"

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