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July 15, 2005



Following Aristide's departure, precipitated by the Bush administrations policies which were specifically designed to undermine his government by preventing hundreds of millions of dollars in compassionate assistance, from sources such as the Inter-American Development Bank, were successfully held up, conditions have steadily deteriorated in Haiti.

This money earmarked for food, medicine and clinics designated to reduce infant mortality and juvenile death rates, was prevented from reaching the country in the hopes of promoting regime change at the cost of Haitian lives.

Neocon elements in the Bush administration painted Aristide as a socialist with Communist leanings. Now there is no one in power within the country willing to stand up to the European business interests which have been bleeding the island of Hispaniola of its resources for literally hundreds of years. Vampiric capitalism is the order of the day in Haiti relegating 70% of the populace to living in abject poverty, surviving on green bananas and rice most of the year. Conditions in Haiti are as severe or worse than many of the most repressed and volatile regions of Africa such as the Sudan and the Congo. How long will we allow this to go on in the center of our hemisphere?

While leading journalists are tortured and murdered, UN soldiers are being manipulated into supporting French and European business interests with the blessings of their parent countries. With the upcoming elections, these interests are pressuring and repressing dissenters through intimidation and murder.

Star Haitian journalist murdered

Star Haitian journalist murdered

UN mission to Haiti condemns murder of journalist as attack on society

UN condemns murder

Evidence mounts of a UN massacre in Haiti

UN massacre

Growing Evidence of a Massacre by UN Occupation Forces in Port-au-Prince Neighborhood of Cite Soleil

massacre Cite Soleil

Council: Bar Aristide From Elections

Aristide barred

Pro Aristide priest reportedly detained on return from Miami

priest detained

Haiti: Britain suspends mission

Britain suspends mission

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The BBC is not necessarily a good source of information on Haiti as it represents the status quo.

Below is a list of good source of info on Haiti.

P.S. Feel free to also drop me an e-mail if anyone needs to gain a better understanding of the situation in Haiti.

Znet-Haiti Watch at,

margarette rateau

I forgot to mention on my previous post 2 books by Paul Farmer for anyone interesting in learning more about Haiti.

a)The uses of Haiti
b)Pathology of Power


According to the NYT, young folks are more in favor of Dubya and the War. You know, I really thought there was a chance they'd know better since they are still in some kind of educational program.
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