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July 28, 2005


Phil Adelphia

The latoyia story needs more play.

Chuck, Left Of Left

Hi Jen. You know nothing surprises me. That was probably his lookalike sitting in for him as governor too.

It was quite plain to me, you, Karen & Jay Leno anyway. ;)


Hello, all. Killer graphics, Heretik --especially on the Miller story. I'm recommending Newsrack, just in case you don't know it. Guy does a great job of sticking with and follwing up on his stories.


lol Chuck. yeah. don't find myself agreeing with Leno much. ;)

Chuck, Left Of Left

OK Joe. Thanks for the invite! I'll catch you later. Oh & btw- stay on the Judy, Judy, Judy. She bursting with evidence. ;)

The Heretik

Thom, thanks. The original Miller graphic is here

If you all aren't familiar with Thom's work at Societas, he does some great work across the board, but his work on the Patriot Act is outstanding. There are still are some opportunities to fight against that infamy. Check his site to find out more.


Have I missed everyone? Joe, excellent post below on the 'not Natalie' missing pregnant mother. I just got off the phone with my local news re that case. they had bumped her story off their web page in favor of the story of the hairs that don't belong to natalie! They said they would get the story back out there. We'll see. Whew. It's been a long day! How is everyone, if anyone is still here? :p


I almost forgot, I bring a link. It's Bruce Springsteen for Valerie Plame all week @ my site:

This is tonight's selection. :)

Ol Cranky

OMG, some people are total butt-wipes! Get a load of this comment that I just got & commenter's link (actually, I had to correct the URL) given as "Chloe's" blog addy.

I need some Macallan straight up (make it a double)


Dude, I love you man in a General Jesus purely hetrosexual kinda way, but please don't return a compliment w/ a compliment. I just dug the noir graphic -- wasn't looking for promo.

Now I have to set the record straight -- as you all know, Heretik has been doing a great series on the P-Act for some time now. Read that first. For the action plan, ACLU finally got it all in one place.

I'll have a beer for each hand.

The Heretik

I wil crank that out for you, Cranky. Good job, Desi. Bueno.


So back to the Tucker Carlson coverage of Latoyia -- good news mostly? Or TC trying to show street cred, but good news regardless?


sounds like he was a jerk, Thom -- check out ol cranky's summary


what's wrong with these people?


Does anyone else hate site meter with a flaming hot passion? ;) It's always fucking with my head.



Haven't you heard? If the LGBT community recruits the Tylenol PM crowd..homosexuality will spread like wildfire! The Rev Phelps says so.

I'm looking for a DLC free birthday.

A Lemon Drop please. Hitting the almost-midlife stride deserves a froo-froo drink.


That's great freaking post -- response to Tucker.



I've decided I hate the TTLB. My unique links look like they're going TTLB number goes up. My links go up..TTLB ranks me lower.

I'm mystified by it.

The Heretik Pssst. Carla, Look. And your lemondrop will be delivered shortly by Franz.


I'm trying to stop paying attention to SiteMeter. If I get obsessed with traffic, I'll start blogwhoring excessively - and yeah, I *can* get hits that way, but is it really worth it? Especially when I don't have any really political links until, like, 5 posts down (I'm on vacation, so I have an excuse)...

Must... repress... self-loathing...



I had the address right. I think perhaps the PK mail server was hiccuping this morning. I ended up with 4 mail demons.

Thanks for the lemon drop. :)

I'm off to go putter in the garden now that it's cooled down. Au revoir!


Is TTLB the one that (correctly) said I was an insignificant microbe in the ecosystem?


we are all insignificant microbes in the ecosystem . . . but only some of us deserve relief from the headaches such news makes us feel.


Carla, I looked in @ site meter and it said I had a really great number of hits, and then before I 'left' the site said I had over 200 hits LESS! Grrr.

Eli! How's vacation?

The Heretik

Eli, I used to be the king of blogwhoring. Then I got downgraded to a duke.

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