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July 28, 2005



You can't pass up on lefty/righty blogging arguments with dad.

The Heretik

Thanks for the link and here is your vodka gimlet, Lauren, with the hope you left your AK-47 in the trunk of your car.

ol cranky

well if Lauren didn't have such a potty-mouth (would that be potty fingers since she blogs?). . .

Interesting day in Gay news. . .GMA covered Zach's pending departure from LIA/R and the AFA & FOF have been reading The Advocate and are afraid the folks at McNeil Pharmaceuticals are normalizing homosexuality (or back aches, I'm not sure) to impressionable gay people.


Evening all. A mojito, por favor kind sir.

The Heretik

Bueno, Caterina. And BUENO


Just breezin' through the pool party - wanted to say howdy. And I must say that I love drinkin' with my parents. I always drink Leinenkugels, the finest beer of the Midwest, with them. I hope Franz finds a suitable cover-up!

And, before I swim off into the sunset, I had to promote this post from Doghouse Riley. Real funny stuff about those crazy kids at NASA!


Forgot the A-link! For shame! I can't swim!
Those Crazy Kids at NASA Toodles, ya'll!


I am afraid that I have to run off to a meeting for work. But, please have a great night. And if you're really bored, you can go to my blog and check out the link to my flickr account.


Ah, hello, Heretik. I'll have me a Guiness.

Wanna help me think of some new nicknames for Karl Rove over drinks?


Hello, all. In honor of our pool boy, I thought I'd go with a load of crap on ice tonight. It's bitter swill, but it seems to be the administration's drink of choice.

The Heretik

Sheelze, you know I will always be your bub. And names we can come up with, sure. Matt, that doesn't sound like too tasty a cocktail.


Well, H, the truth was that I was hoping to dump it back into the pool. Scotty looks like he can use a little work to keep him busy.

How about an icy Pina Colada instead?

Tipper G

Gore in '08! And give that nice little Tattered fellow whatever he wants


thanks, Tipper!

Rove nicknames. . . hmmm...

Ol Cranky

mmmmmmmmmm mojito. . . yummy


hi tipper, it just so happens a friend asked me to dig up this song, so i'll spin it here too in honor of your main man. Call me Al

evening folks. thanks H for the linkup! did you know there's been an update on that subject?

Phil Adelphia

Don't forget this woman

Shakespeare's Sister

Greetings, all. Franz, what are you recommending this evening?


apparently, Carlson is doing another report on Latoyia tonight, and SpinDentist from ASZ is on. Anyone catch it?

Franz K

I am partial to the Czch pilseners, Sister.

Shakespeare's Sister

That sounds delightful. I will go with your recommendation.

Chuck, Left Of Left

Good evening to you all! You're not "all wet" are you? :)

Ol Cranky
apparently, Carlson is doing another report on Latoyia tonight, and SpinDentist from ASZ is on. Anyone catch it?

you bet I did and updated the post Phil linked to above to inlcude it (tommorrow afternoon I'll link the show transcripts to the post).


hey Chuck! did you know there were actually serious people on KA today convinced it wasn't Bush's finger but his thumb or index finger in that video?


my god, Carlson is a bow-tied creep (yes, I already knew that, but seeing it confirmed in's just sick). Thanks for the update, ol cranky.

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