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July 06, 2005



Freedom of the press. Unless they won't reveal sources. Then lock them up. Good grief!

Night Bird

"After 40 years in this business, I have the nagging feeling that Judy Miller may be the only person to go to jail in this case," Bennett said. No one has been charged as part of the grand jury investigation which began in January 2004.

Night Bird

Hey, I am actually being remembered here. Is that a good thing?

Lance Mannion

I am having a real hard time following this one. First, as I understand it, no source should be protected if what he's telling you is that he's going to commit a crime. No source who involves you in a crime should be protected.

I don't think there are any journalists who have any trouble with these limits to their responsibilities to their sources. Miller and Cooper should have had no problem giving up Rove or whoever it was who burned Plame.

Which makes me think that the sources they were protecting or trying to protect didn't out Plame, just knew who outed her. If that's what they told Miller and Cooper, why didn't they write a story? If they had sources telling them who committed a crime, wasn't it their job to report it?

That makes me think then they didn't have such sources.

So if their sources weren't the leaker and their sources didn't know who the leaker was, then what do their sources have to do with the investigation at all.

What's going on? Is Fitzgerald after something else? What else?

Morgaine Swann

Judith Miller is a shill for the Administration. She isn't protecting a free press - she's aiding and abetting a traitor. This is not about perjury - this is about outing a CIA agent specializing in WMD's when we are at war. That is a capital offense.

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