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July 07, 2005



Rush is a fathead with a very poor sense of humor.

Steve Bates

If one believes, as I emphatically do, that drug abuse is a public health problem and a medical problem rather than intrinsically a criminal problem warranting jail time (and I believe that, even as one who has never used an illegal drug), how can one make an exception for Rush Limbaugh just because he is a thoroughly despicable human being? If he is addicted, he deserves rehab, not jail. But if he goes to jail, you may be sure he will play the victim as well as any other modern-day Republican; it will be the fault of those damned liberals.

As to Gitmo, it astonishes me what people will say. At last week's Amnesty rally in support of the victims of torture everywhere, one of the counter-demonstrators (may I call them "objectively pro-torture"?) was carrying a sign listing the comforts provided to the detainees, and concluding "It don't Gitmo betta than that!" There is no persuading those people whose consciences allow them to make such shirts, signs, etc. praising torture and mocking those who oppose it. I won't say they should go to jail, but I will say they should rot in hell. There's no moral high ground available to them.


OT, what's with the tiny comment box? Template change?

kelley b.

Speaking of prisons, last weekend under the radar the man at the Pentagon responsible for Abu Ghirab was nominated head of the National Security Agency by Bu$hie.

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