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July 23, 2005



I'm trying to keep a cool head and remember that Nixon, Regan and Bush I, thought they had appointed judges that were very consevative. We see where that theory went. There may be hope yet.


My chief concern is that John Roberts is a stealth candidate in the other direction. If I'm not mistaken he's made comments about strict constructionism (nothing more than code words for a right wing approach to jurisprudence that would drag us back to the 1890s).

The whole strict constructionist philosophy is predicated upon an interpretation of the Constitution (amendments aside, nothing more than a blueprint for government) which would put the letter of the law ahead of everything, including justice, balance, ethical considerations and equity. This kind of ideology is morally bankrupt from its inception, finding its basis in an interpretation which views the Constitution as a dead static document that was designed to restrict all evolution and progression within our government and democracy itself (much as Antonin Scalia would have us believe) .

The US Constitution is not a holy document, nor did the founding fathers invent democracy. As everyone who understands history realizes, that honor lies with the Greeks in the fifth century B.C.. Our Constitution is nothing more than a compilation of ideas whose origins began in Athens and steadily evolved through the centuries with the preponderance of its basis being gleaned directly from the Magna Carta, British common law, the French Revolution and a number of other ideas which arose in Europe.

I take solace in the fact that John Roberts studied Latin and apparently has a classical education, which gives him some perspective as to what those who founded our country were trying to achieve. If he's as bright as they claim, these basic truths cannot be ignored or distorted by any current ideological perspective.

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