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July 28, 2005



It's time to play Point&Laugh. Nothing would make me happier than if the people he libels this way howled, clapped him on the shoulder and dabbed tears between guffaws.

Mr. O'Reilly thrives on being taken seriously. If you laugh at him, he's out of ammo.


I want to see the episode when Bush is on.

ED Beckmann Viet Vet Ret

I wonder what show karl rover will be on? How about the swifties?
He obviously is loosing it! When the Preznet said Your either with us or against us O'lielly got the spin message everyone else didn't.


I can't believe this! O'Reilly is actually going to do that!? The McCarthy analogy couldn't be any clearer.

Fox News = NeoCon Pravda

ol cranky

jebus, that man is off his rocker

ED Beckmann Viet Vet Ret

I wonder if Paul Hackett is on his list. You know he, like Kerry is an obvious Traitor after all he's a, Oh i'm afraid to say it, a Democrat and War veteran.

Night Bird

Night Bird

Night Bird

Sorry about that!

Quotes from the New Worl Order.

Shakespeare's Sister

Nothing O'Reilly does surprises me in the least. However, "Lord of Loofah" will have me laughing for a month!


Ivory Joe:

My attempts to send return mail to you are failing.

Enjoyed your piece this morning and hoped to reciprocate...but to no avail. :)


I listened to O'Reilly this morning. He said the ACLU was fascist and confirmed that is the specific word he intended to use.

He was peddling some fallacy about ACLU trying to bully poor little hard working Boy Scouts.


As the joke goes: "I wake up everyday and thank God that the ACLU is on the job. And I'm an atheist."

Religious convictions aside, that's certainly how I feel. As for O'Reilly, can't be bothered -- but sadly he still has a strong core following even though the overall ratings are dropping.


Poor Dollar Bill O'Reilly! He tries to puff himself up like tough guy Joe McCarthy but comes off looking like Charlie McCarthy (Edgar Bergen's wise guy ventriloquist puppet). As Ben Johnson wrote in his famous dictionary, Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.


Pathetic. At least we can be glad that these days we don't have a House Unamerican Activities committee interviewing supposed "traitors." And O'Reilly's ratings are declining. Maybe that's the reason for his new self-righteous tactic. What a loser.

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