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July 15, 2005



uh oh, fat jokes, time for me to waddle on out of here.;)


Then let's dance.

I'm partial to the "Mashed Potato"...


just joking folks! Barry knows what I'm talking bout.

So does Howlin Wolf

Ok, my work here is done. At ease.

Wilson P

Ow! Uh! Alright! Uh!

Got to know how to pony
Like Bony Maronie
Mash potato, do the alligator
Put your hand on your hips, yeah
Let your backbone slip
Do the Watusi
Like my little Lucy
Hey! Uh!

Barry W

Give it up, ain’t no use
I can help myself if I’d wanted to
I’m hung up, no doubt
I’m so in love with you, for me there’s no way out

‘Cause deeper and deeper
In love with you I’m falling
Sweeter and sweeter
Your tender words of love keeps calling

Eager and eager, yeah
To feel your lips upon my face
Please her and please her
Any time or any place

The Heretik

Somebody must have link to put on the grill.

The Heretik

BBL Must get ice downstairs. Visit the press pool on the roof, but be nice.


The Tricky Dubya image is HUGE on my scares me!


I hear KC and the Sunshine Band now...

I'm your "boogie man"...your "boogie man"...that's what I am....


Here's a Friday linky:

TSTBP is back up!

The Heretik

Yeah, Agi.That's one reason I went with the new design. So the images would be big and available for download if so desired.

Get down, get down, get down


Good choice H. Very detailed work.

The Heretik

Plus with a jpg, you can go to larger size with not too much more file size.


We have another boxer here tonight. The dogs are going wild.


I'm just dropping by for a second. I'm in a lousy mood. Was in one earlier this week and am in it again right now. A web site I manage, the new non-profit server is the pits, ate up a whole image folder and won't let me ftp up anymore, I had to reupload 55 images via my web browser. I'm not in a good mood. I need a nap. I've needed a nap all evening.

The Heretik

Sorry to here that, Idyllo. Oy.


Thanks for the commiseration, 'Tik. Now, I'm off. My eyelids are getting heavier by the second. Feels like a Benadryl moment to me. Except I took the Benadryl hours ago. No wonder I've needed a nap all evening.



sorry to be incommunicado for a while there...I'm off to watch a movie. Boogie down, y'all.

G. D. Frogsdong

Hey, sorry I'm late. Had to get my ankle wrapped after I fell of my platform shoes. Sometimes it isn't easy just stayin' alive, stayin' alive.

Hey, this is the seventies, Idyllopus. What's a web server? No, don't tell me. I have a feeling I don't want to know.

Anyone want to snort coke off the back of my hand?

The Heretik

Is that the back of your hand?


ooh i do i do, it will help me with my diet. hehe. hey, do you like my wraparound dress?

G. D. Frogsdong

You know, I don't think I can pull off the seventies again. I don't have the hair anymore.

Hell, I don't have the strength.

The Heretik

Hair was big. No doubt. Collars were big. Heels were big. I too have just fallen off my platforms shoes but find myself gratefully saved by a pile of polyester clothing next to some writhing bodies. Oh, my.


looking for wraparound dresses i found this. guess waxing wasn't de rigeur in those days.



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