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July 19, 2005



OMG, I *LOVE* it! Thank you, Joe! What a bang to start my day with!


Marvelous work Joe. Like Matt at Tattered Coat said, you deserve the Koufax award for best photo-shopping.


LOL that made my day.


"The Bitch Diaries"...that is just too much. Bravo once again!


Awesome work Mr. Heretik Sir!


But you could easily substitute Rove's name:

Lying, Cheating, Hurting
That's All Bush seems to do
Messing around with every oil man in town
Sending our boys off to die for his own misuse

'Don't care what people say
'Cause he's the Prez today
Gonna use his power
for political corruption and abuse

Feedin' the Rich
Killin' the Poor
making a pitch
You know its nothing new

3 years from now
Bush will be gone
run out of town
History, Bush, won't be kind to you

You're going back to Crawford to die in loneliness....

You're time is going to come...
Your time is going to come...


Heretik, you get all the credit. But one question - who is going to play Karl in the movie based on the Bitch Diaries? Any thoughts?


Great cover. Too bad Time didn't think of it.


If Divine wasn't dead, he'd get my vote for the Rove casting call...


That is fantastic!

With Bush about to name a SCOTUS justice we need to keep the pressure on the media to continue to cover this issue- you know how they have a tendency to not be able to walk and chew gum at the same time so we need to continue to work to make sure people understand the link between Rove, plame and Bush's shoddy, deceitful case for war.


LOL Heretik. Brilliant.

Kinda creepy in a karmic justice sort of way.


Nice piece of work, Heretik.


Karl Rove is the lowest of the low when it comes to political operatives. I remember during the run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000, he authored a quiet campaign in the south which depicted John McCain's adopted Bangladeshi daughter as the result of miscegenation (Reproduction by parents of different races). Implying that he had secretly sired a child with a Black woman somewhere along the line. Apparently in order to garner that coveted racist white vote down in old Dixie, and those deep bastions of right-wing higher learning like Bob Jones University, where miscegenation can get you expelled, if not lynched.

I like to imagine the irony and poetic justice of Karl Rove being indicted and eventually incarcerated under the current scandal. And perhaps he'll wind up in some Oz-like federal hole where "Turd blossom" will find himself a rather unwilling participant in an interracial relationship of his own. A relationship in which he plays the submissive role, does a lot of squealing and places numerous requests for cases of anal-ease. I wonder if he'll be banned from Bob Jones University after that.

I'm sorry I digress.

I must say, at the time I would've much preferred to see John McCain get the Republican nomination and become president, given Al Gore's obvious incompetence. But after he threw his full weight of support behind George W. Bush in 2004, I've subsequently lost all respect for McCain.

There is a point at which you must put politics aside and stand up for what is right, and stand against what's wrong. John McCain has picked his side, I hope he can live with it.

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