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July 27, 2005


Mimus Pauly

That cotton candy smells posteriorly bullish...


My favorite line: Roberts' resume reads so perfectly that it is easy to find the little flakes of destiny littered through his storybook life.

Jeely Moses. Flakes of destiny???? Not only horrible writing but completely misleading since we shouldn't CARE about his storybook life and whether Gibss can read the tea leaves of his life. This is BushCo's go-to trick when discussing any nominee or employee. Now the corporate media is acting like a nominee's storybook life matters. We've turned the Supreme Court into American Idol - or Queen for a Day depending on the life in question.

The Heretik

eRobin, it does seem "the story" matters more than the subject of it. The total number of presumptions in the Time piece by Gibbs is simply astounding. You could go through it line by line and find sugar wrapped inside of honey encased in . . . Oy.


He's so dreamy. And did you know he worked in a steel mill?

So he gave legal advice to the Reagan administration, eh? I wonder if he had a hand in Iran Contra...

The Heretik

A lot of stuff in the Reagan Error could come out.


No, no. I love it. Little flakes of destiny. Perfect(ly inspirational).

Little flakes of destiny.

Such a heady rush of perverse delight. I have more endorphins now dancing about my system than if I'd done a ten mile run.

Not that I've ever done a ten mile run.


Reagan was dreamy, too ... and he looked like a president. Isn't that enough? Roberts just looks like a justice. He will fill out that robe so beautifully.

My mother, who is conservative, doesn't get why people think he's so hot. She said, "I think he's a stiff!"

pissed off patricia

Kind of OT but not a whole lot.... Imagine a guy as smart as Roberts having to sit and chit chat with a guy like bush. I would love to read Roberts mind when this is going on.

His wife's friends say they've never heard her curse. Okay, that's a woman that does not do us proud.


People think Roberts is hot?

I'm so out of the loop. I thought he looked like a stiff assed mama's boy.

But then I go for edgier men. (shrug)


"Flakes of destiny" = "Dandruff of fate"?

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