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July 25, 2005



You're right he just might whip out a gun and slaughter the other justices in the name of Jesus and then rule that George be declared Emperor in perpetuity, all hail George Augustus Caesar and the new American Empire.

Bow down and worship at the feet of Dubya or be crucified as a HERETIC.

The Heretik

We heretiks are very sensitive to whom the word applies, Aaron. Looking at Roberts after I finished that graphic, it occured to me he looks a bit like a slightly skewed twin of Bill Murray.


I think that should be a very skewed twin of Bill Murray, lest your characterization and caricature one day be construed as an insult to Bill. But it sounds like a good idea for a future picture.

Actually I think I'd prefer Bill Murray on the Supreme Court, we could use the comic relief. He could revise his Carl character from Caddie Shack and stuff some C4 down Antonin Scalia's gopher hole.


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