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July 21, 2005


ol cranky

Ms. Jane Sullivan Roberts is also a partner at Shawn Pittman, you're one-stop shopping for those who want to < ahref="">make some cold hard cash in the rebuilding of Iraq.

ol cranky

BTW - have you guys read this yet?

Argument Five - THE COMMERCE CLAUSE: According to Schumer, Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass, and the liberal Alliance for Justice, Roberts’s interpretation of the Commerce Clause is so restrictive that it would cripple federal powers.

“To me, the number one issue is the Commerce Clause,” Schumer said.

The underpinning of the expansive federal government is this phrase in the Constitution: “The Congress shall have Power... To regulate Commerce… among the several States...."

The Commerce Clause is the basis for the Endangered Species Act and other laws that affect businesses and individuals every day from Anchorage to Atlanta.

It may turn out that the most important thing Roberts has written in his 25 years of lawyering and judging is a dissent — amounting to barely more than one page — in a case called Rancho Viejo LLC v. Norton, issued on July 22, 2003.

In it, Roberts questioned whether the Endangered Species Act of 1973 gives federal regulators the power to stop a housing development that might affect the survival of a species, the arroyo toad, which lives within the boundaries of one state, California.

Night Bird

Ol Cranky:

I cannot get your link to work, can you post it again.

Night Bird

Ol Cranky: Do not worry I got it.

Iraq Reconstruction

Night Bird

John G. Roberts is a member of the Federalist Society

Shakespeare's Sister

Joe, have you seen this?

Also, I read someone pointing out (can't remember who) that the people now saying that 2 years is plenty of experience are the same ones were crowing about how John Edwards' 6 years as a Senator was not sufficient experience to hold the Vice Presidency. Interesting.

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