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July 18, 2005



'tik, you are en fuego! Really.


Wow. Awesome background. I'm so scared for Haiti.


Thanks for posting this, few people realize what's happening in Haiti, our neighbor some 800 miles off the coast of Florida. Many of my friends are Haitian, and they're some of the best people I know.

margarette rateau

Well done!!!

I'll be sure to direct anyone who wants to learn more about the crisis in Haiti to this blog.

Here is a recent article on San Francisco Bay View by Shirley Pate. It is worth reading.

margarette rateau

Many of your readers have been asking you "why Haiti" what strategic interest does the US has in Haiti:

Brian Concannon during an interview with the Columbia River Fellowship for peace believe that the US see LIBERATION THEOLOGY that is Priests walking around the countryside telling peasants the world isn't fair; the rich should share with the poor as a threat.

Here is a link to the interview:

The interview occured last year but much of is still relevant.

margarette rateau

Urgent Action Alert!!!!

Father Jean-Juste Imprisoned

Please follow this link for more info:

Like we say in creole: man an pil chaj pa lou
meaning the more hands that join to help the lighter the load.

margarette rateau

Znet magazine had another article that gives yet a different angle on the question that many people have been asking:

What strategic interests does the US has in Haiti

Last not least for Canadian readers who like to think of their government as dogooder here is some food for thoughts:

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