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July 09, 2005



Perhaps it would be useful to return to the original casting of Casablanca. The role of Rick was supposed to have been played by Ronald Reagan.


It's sacreligious to put that slimey scumbag in the same picture as "Rick"


Novak is big on preparation; some might even go so far as to call him a method actor. In order to prepare for his starring role in this sordid film, he spent several weeks trolling the gutters of America's cities, looking for that perfect piece of slime upon which he could model his character.


I've seen big bad Bob a number of times on C-SPAN. He's quick to get down in the gutter with some of those confrontational Neanderthals that like to call in and have trouble cognating or putting a coherent sentence together.

It's obvious that underneath his thin veneer of pseudo civility lurks a very angry unhappy person just dying to spread his bitterness and dysfunctional vitriol around. In this he resembles many on the right.

It's no coincidence that he's going to get a pass on outing a CIA agent, since he's the golden (though rapidly decaying) boy of the right wing media.

He and Ann Coulter should get together and produce a whole crop of neo-Nazi Machiavellian offspring to populate the Republican Party of the next generation.


I highly recommend James Wolcott's book _Attack Poodles_ for eviscerating takes on many in the Right Wing pundocracy, including our friend Novak.

Night Bird

Buenos Noches Compadres!

Matt, how strange that you should mention James Wolcott...did you read what he had to say today.


ah, Wolcott...I love the little asides like "One patriot, poring over the parchment maps in the Captain's Quarters..."

Night Bird

So what is your take on Stone making a movie on 9/11??


Well, I don't think quite as highly of him as Wolcott does, but if Michael Medved doesn't like something, I know I will!

What are your thoughts?

Night Bird

I think that the true facts about 9/11 have not come out yet, so how can a movie be made?

There are too many questions still left unanswered...and I believe that the 4 women from NJ that worked to get the 9/11 Hearings deserve more respect . By that I mean - many of their questions were left unanswered. They had very valid questions.

I dont buy the buckling theory either.

Night Bird

Matt, in other words, dear Sir, I am a TFH!

Night Bird

and we have gone completely off topic.

The Heretik

The Heretik has totally defiled Rick Blaine by putting Novak in the same pic as the noble late warrior who gives up Ilsa for love and goes on to fight the good fight. What was that Heretik thinking putting Novak in the place of Ugarte? Novak makes Ugarte look like Mother Theresa.


My ghod man, does that mean Rove is The Fat Man? And Cheney is Major Strasser?


My ghod man, does that mean Rove is The Fat Man?

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