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July 17, 2005



Too much. Hilarious.

Chuck Ismyname

HA!HA! *L*!

Ol Cranky

I just peed my pants


I like totally want to party with those girls. Jenna could like so drink me under the table man.

Steve Bates


Y'know, after what the righties did to Chelsea, and considering the twins undertook active roles in the Bush campaign voluntarily (and, in Jenna's case, rudely), they are, to use Karl Rove's über-patriotic phrase, "fair game."

I just have one question: how did you learn not-Jenna's given name? :)


Oh that's rich. These gals will be doing lap dances for dollars soon.

Peter Parker

What, you expect people who ostensibly (and apparently drink-sodden-ly) support the war to fight?

What twisted liberal education warped your broken mind?

That's what I ask!


I'm in favor of it - if they're drinking over there, then they won't be drinking over here.

Steve Bates

... if they're drinking over there, then they won't be drinking over here. - Eli

That's known as the "bar-fly-paper" theory, right?

The Heretik

Bar-fly paper? I think I may do something barfly all over my Sunday paper. ROFLMAO

Night Bird

Morning All, or should I say Good Afternoon,

so...Heretik, while you are barflying all over the Sunday papers...I laughed over this...

The name Frist is derived from an archaic German word meaning "sap-sucking bastard who can't get laid."

Liz Smith- Blondesense

party time in Iraq! what a concept

Hilarious job, Joe

Missouri Mule

Hell yes, drankin' and dancin' should be mandatory in the war on terrorism! Oy

Screw that freedom and democracy crap. Drinking water and electricity?, who needs it!. Fashion and cocktails, now we're taking.


I just can't believe they have so much time to drink with the jobs they touted during the election. Oh right, I forgot, they didn't actually get jobs, it was all part of winning the election. I need to go scream. A lot.

But before I do... Heretik, you rock!

Randy Bull

Details from the Washington Times on the twins deployment is available at

This photo is priceless.

If Operation Yellow Elephant doesn't take off after this news, then I guess Republicans aren't for the war after all.


Jeez! Jenna looks Just Like Daddy in that pic.

Rick M.


As the First Twins says, "Let the barf lie where it may."


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