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July 19, 2005


Night Bird

Perhaps we need to get Reid on the bat phone. Here's the message to the WH:

"You want this neanderthal in, you gotta sacrifice Rove. Plain and simple. Politics is a blood sport, George. It's Rove v J.R. [Texas theme] Balls in your court."

And then be prepared to filibuster.


Speaking as a realist, I think this was about the best choice we could expect from George W. Bush. Of all the choices he was seriously considering, I think John Roberts is one of the least objectionable mainly because of his superlative legal mind. His ideological perspectives aside, at least we have someone who has a foundation in sound jurisprudence and a top-notch legal mind. It could've been much worse.

Missouri Mule

Thank you for this post, Hellhound. Lot's of info to digest. Oy!
Here's the deal, I think he's attractive. I like his smile. Will I rot in hell?

ol cranky

I agree with Aaron, he was the best we could hope for from W. Though the argument he used to justify a conspiracy against "pregnant people" has the potential for some very frightening wide ranging effects.

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