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July 14, 2005


Ol Cranky
"Today I testified and agreed to testify solely because of a waiver I received from my source," Cooper said outside the courthouse. "Once a journalist makes a commitment of confidentiality to a source, only the source can end that commitment."

so basically, if Cooper learned his source fed him inaccurate information that lead to some devastating consequence he'd still protect that source from facing charges even though he was played for a patsy to be an agent of that crime if the source didn't give Cooper permission to supply info that would lead to the source facing punishment? Cooper just made the key argument against a reporter shield law.

Screwy Hoolie

Why doesn't Bush just walk up to Rove and ask him?


:-) very cute and clever.

Shakespeare's Sister

LOLOLOL! Oy indeed.


Animal White House! That is hilarious.

Mimus Pauly

I can picture Bush forcing his wife and daughters to stay up all night helping him collect all the photos of Rove and Bush together they can find and cutting Rove's face out of every one of them.

Jenna: "Mom, I'm exhausted -- why can't we do this in the morning?"

Laura: "Just keep cutting, sweetheart, I know you're fighting the sandman, but we're getting there."

Not Jenna: "I hate you, Daddy!"

Dubya: "Revisionist history's a bitch, girls -- and so am I"...

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