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June 02, 2005


Chuck Ismyname

Im glad (in a way) that you didn't show any pictures. Odd that I mentioned Depleted Uranium in my entry today without seeing your blog. I addressed this in an earlier entry also, but couldn't bring myself to post any pictures. It's an unparalleled attack on humanity. It goes beyond feeling sorry for those children. It's not a human that orders the release of this "Metrion Cascade".

Thanks for posting on a tough subject!

ED Beckmann

Depleted Uranium is the Agent Orange of our time. I am a Disabled Vietnam Vet and victim of Agent Orange. I won't be alive when the true effects of DU hit our troops. I just can't stop seeing comparisons in this war to the VN conflict. I like to say Iraq is just another Vietnam except this time it's on steriods!


Great post Heretik.

I wrote something related on DU back in March
on the issue of DU and U.S. war crimes


It seems we never learn from our past mistakes.

It is truly sad that we are entering the 21st century using the same old tired tactics of provoking unjustified wars and making our soldiers guinea pigs for real life weapons tests.

Not to mention the abnormally high rate of birth defects Iraq is facing.

The Alchemist

DU is usefull not because it is hard, but because it is dense. There are other metals even denser, gold and neptunium for instance. The critical matter is the price, DU might cripple one's own troops, but gold is just to pricey and neptunium too dificult to synthesise. It all comes down to accountancy in the end.

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