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June 08, 2005



Gave you props. I've had arguments with editors on this. They insist up and down that their job is to accurately transcribe what's being said, whether it's a lie or not, and refuse to admit that they have any duty to the truth.

- Badtux the Reportorial Penguin


pathetic. not proud to share a gender with her.


I thought that story wasn't bad - especially after reading that great FAIR bit you found, Heretik. The thing about the NYT isn't that they don't follow up on so many stories. This Bumiller piece was pretty good considering she's writing in the American corporate media. (I feel like we can always tell when there's a story because Ms. Bumiller's writing becomes very spare. But that's me reading into it.) This should have been written on May 2nd, but okay, it's getting written now. Now they need to do a follow-up analysis that points out that what Blair said about the UN has nothing to do with what the minutes say. And that what Bush said was nothing but a he-said denial. They need to talk to Dearlove directly - dig into the minutes. It's been addressed by the preznit and it's being addressed in Congress and it's being addressed by the people. They have no excuse not to follow up now. Be sure to read Jefferson Morley on that topic here.

WRITE LETTERS to editors, guys! This is how the story gets pushed.

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