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June 21, 2005


Night Bird

Oh sweet dear Heretik, your timing is so right!!

May I have a merlot please!

The Summer Solstice...For several days before and after each solstice, the sun appears to stand still in the sky—that is, its noontime elevation does not seem to change.

The Heretik

Well thank you, Bird. Sip gently now.

Night Bird


Paradigm Shifter

I'll take a Vodka Martini with an Olive please...And I offer this:

"Yield and overcome
Bend and be straight
Empty and be full
Wear out and be new
Have little and gain
Have much and be confused

Therefore the wise men embrace the one
And set an example for all
Not putting on a display
They shine forth
Not justifying themselves
They are distinguished
Not boasting,
They receive recognition
Not bragging,
They never falter
They do not quarrel,
So no one quarrels with them.

Therefore the ancients say, "Yield and overcome."

Is that an empty saying?

Be really whole,
And all things will come to you"

Lao Tsu
Tao Te ching
Number 22


hi guys, i'll have a screwdriver

The Heretik

Nicely said, Shifter. Jen, seems to be a vodka kind of night.

Night Bird

Evening Jen! So nice to see you!!

I second that Paradigm.


you too NB! Hi Poli! Really, Herry?

Paul T. Geist

The Heretik told me only the best for the buds.


That is one confusing looking bay out there.

Night Bird

Herry??? Jen when you write that I always think of Herry from Sesame Street, the nuerotic monster. I think he was purple.

Franz K

Aptly named Bay, I think.


oh, oops. i don't remember him, NB! Sorry Joe! hi dors!

Night Bird

Evening Dors!! And do you see those fins??


Posted by: Night Bird | June 21, 2005 10:08 PMEvening Dors!! And do you see those fins??

Evening Lizzy, Jen and all.

No which fins you talking about? Can you point them out?


Shifter. You still here? Did you post on DNC once as PaleoDem?


Very big fins. Have you heard the story of the USS Indianapolis?

Night Bird

Dors - look closely!!


no he did not dors


paleo is dissenter, cromwell, etc.

Paradigm Shifter

Posted by: dorsano | June 21, 2005 10:11 PM

hi Dorsano, no I did not post as PaleoDem

I have posted as Paradigm Shifter, Neo Con Crusher, and more recently as PoliShifter. But those are all the aliases that I have.

Well, I have one more called a A Sporting Good Time for a Sports Betting Blog I have but that is it.


Posted by: Quint | June 21, 2005 10:15 PM Very big fins. Have you heard the story of the USS Indianapolis?

No - I did hear the story of the Edmund Fitzgerald though. Does it go like that one?

Paradigm Shifter

In a world that sometimes appears to be going insane it is important to remember who we are and what we are. As human beings we are capable of doing woderful and beautiful things. We create our own realities with our thoughts. Never let someone tell you anything is impossible; it's simply not true. We are capable of doing anything and everything. We just need to learn how to unlock our limitless potential.


Shark fins? Have you not heard of the USS Indianapolis? Torpedoed by a Japanese destroyer, couldn't send a May day, days before Hirhoshima and the bomb, lad. I'll tell you about fins, Dors? Knew a girl named Dors. But I'll tell you about the Indianapolis and fins.

That destroyer was On her and torpedoed right off her. Into the drink with 900 other clowns...Started with 900 anyway...floating in that big warm Pacific.Must have been like a dinner bell
n there...Explosions, and half the guys bleeding. Soon as the sharks came homing in on us, we went by the Manual, of course... Kept trying to float in groups...doin' what if said, splash at 'em,yell at 'em, hit 'em on the nose, they won't bother you...all that.They tore apart about a hundred men, the first night. And pretty soon, when they stepped it up, and you'd feel 'em bump you, and guys'd get pulled down a couple of yards away, and it got to two days...and three...Well, some fellas couldn't
take it no more, just peeled off their life-jackets, got it over with ...We were in the water 110 hours. Sharks averaged six men an hour.


Posted by: Night Bird | June 21, 2005 10:18 PMDors - look closely!!

It would help if you came a little closer to me and pointed them out. :)

But I think I'm starting to see them now. It is a confusing bay though.

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