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June 07, 2005


Axis of Evel Knievel

Page DuBois, in her book Torture and Truth discusses the ancient Greek practice of torture and observes that only slaves were considered worthy subjects for brutal interrogations — indeed, the torture of slaves was necessary because only pain could extract "truth" from a body destined by nature to lie. Free, rational citizens were judged capable of telling the truth without the assistance of torture, but it was also recognized that a free, rational citizen was capable of lying even under the most extraordinary duress. The slave, by contrast, was stupid and craven and therefore could only be trusted to speak the truth while being subjected to the lash and fist. Curiously, then, trustworthy, reliably truthful testimony could only be spoken by a tortured slave.

I find this to be a quite coherent summary of the DoD's rationale for maintaining Guantanamo.

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