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June 05, 2005


The Blaghdad Café

How about Dickey's proclamation that the "insurgency in Iraq is on its last legs," followed moments later by the assurance that the U.S. would be out of Iraq "by 2009..."

Gee, Dickey, good thing Al-Zarqaqi's only got one of those last legs...or you'd be in a world of hurt...too late....

Blaghdaddy luvs ya, Heretik- Fellow Blasphemer!!


Bush calling Amnesty Int'l's Gitmo accusations absurd. My jaw dropped and I repeated Absurd? to myself.

All the Watergate criminals bashing Felt on ethics was pretty ridiculous. Just shook my head on that.


This made me want to vomit.

"The use of federal dollars to destroy life is something I simply do not support," Bush said at the White House.

100k Innocent Iraqis might beg to differ, Dubya

Night Bird

Good Morning Dear Heretik,

May I please have a double espresso and a crossiant first and then I will dig up some absurd things that have been said.


"The facts are being fixed to the policy".

Today in church the youth minister had a graduation celebration for the high school seniors. When she first started working with them in 6th grade, she gave them all a token so that they wouldn't forget God in their youthful ambitions. Because they "never forget", the token was a little plastic elephant that they all showed triumphantly still to have. I gasped and whispered loudly to Kirk - donkeys remember, too. In retrospect, that probably wasn't appropriate to say.


When I heard Condi Rice, Rumy Field, and the Bush's blaming NewsWeek for all our problems in the middle east and people seemed to believe them...I seriously began thinking it was time to get out of this country.


Although, watching the video of GW Bush saying he has to "catapult the propaganda" made me spit coffee all over my key board....:(

Night Bird

When bushka said:

"As Attorney General Gonzales begins his service, he will build on the outstanding work of Attorney General John Ashcroft."

building on what??

and then bushka said:

"Attorney General Gonzales now joins every employee at the Department of Justice in an urgent mission to protect the United States from another terrorist attack. Few periods in our history have demanded so much of this department. With Al's principled leadership, the Department of Justice will continue this important mission, and will defend the security of all Americans and the liberty of all Americans."

I have to say that bushka has become single minded to the point of recklessness.


Of course, there's George Sr. saying he thinks Jeb will run for President someday.

Night Bird

and Heretik, if you were to open an actual "Blue Kafka Cafe" I would definitely be a regular there. I would even work there. Could we wear blue aprons? And could we also have blue umbrellas outside??

The Heretik

Yes, we could.


But we could NOT kill any cockroaches


One of your finest posts, Joe. Tell Dante his drink's on me.

Night Bird

Que chevere!


I was out walking my cat Milo (yes, I walk my cat).

My neighbor saw me and him and said 'that's a big cat.' Obvious, but not stupid.

Then he said it again. Annoying and little silly.

Then he said it again. Ok, that's stupid. Get yourself a vocabulary and an imagination with which to apply it.

I just frowned.

The Heretik

Thanks for the generous spirits around here. Imagination is a wondrous, growing thing. Stupidity is always the same.

Night Bird

{{{{Dors}}}} what a pleasure. Are you interested in working?? I would work with you anytime.


mikez, you crack me up. got any photos of walking your cat? awesome!

hi dors!

mwah Joe!


so let's see, what kind of drink will be called the metamorphosis? ooh, metamorphistopheles!! like a jekyll and hyde drink!


H, dayff?


double espresso with twist o' lemon. (better be fair trade beans you're using, there my sweet)

Coissant, too.

I rolled my eyes when I heard that the Judge in Saddam's case said his spirits were dropping. Oh, good god.

The Heretik

What dayff? Look again. I like the metamorphastopheles.


jillian, excellent. how said for Saddam. his spirits are dropping just like his scrotum (daily show ref)

me too Heretik. I think I better trademark that. hehe it will be 'That's Hot" Maybe that will be my alter ego blog.


oh, i thought the double espresso with a twist was the new drink, but that's your order, duh. not self-involved at all, am i?


Kafka, the typo police are coming! They are in the comments! Be cafeful. I mean careful.

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