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June 27, 2005


Shakespeare's Sister

The President is disturbed by those images.

He thinks about them every day.

Right between his other daily thoughts: I need a crap and What happened to that bald fella in the press corps? I liked to rub his head. Heh heh heh.

Richard Cranium

The Donald was hitting on the 9/11 theme in a big way today, too. Between Rove's remarks last week, little Scottie's today, and Rummy this afternoon, I'm seeing a theme emerge - THE RETURN TO 9/11.

Q Mr. Secretary, back during the Vietnam War, the general in charge of the forces in North Vietnam, Defense Minister General Giap, once said that they have patience; Americans do not have patience.

You give a good message here, as does General Casey and other of the military brass, and yet, there are attacks now, almost hourly. We're briefed by generals here who say that they are increasing, they are using new weapons -- (inaudible) -- charges, and there is no lack, apparently, of people willing to give their lives for the jihad. How do you intend to convince the American people to continue having patience with this loss of life that goes on continuously?

SEC. RUMSFELD: It seems to me that it's important to understand that since September 11th, we've been engaged in a struggle, a -- some call it a war. It is a war in many respects. It's also a struggle within a religion, and it is a difficult one. There are violent extremists that are determined to topple governments in various parts of the world and to -- and many of them hoping to re-establish a caliphate, and their weapon of choice is terrorism. And those people are engaged in violent, extremist acts. They were on September 11th in this country; they have been in dozens of other countries. And what's taking place in Iraq is a part of this global struggle between moderate Muslims and between extremists -- violent extremists. It is hard, I understand, for people to connect all of the pieces, but the reality is we're an awful lot better off fighting against the extremists and the terrorists in other parts of the world than having to do it here at home.

And anyone who thinks about this understands that if you go into a defensive mode and simply think you can play defense against a terrorist that has the enormous advantage of being able to attack at any time, at any place, using any technique, and particularly if you're willing to give up your own life -- you can't defend in every place against every technique at every moment of the day or night. And therefore, you have no choice but to be on the offense against these people, and that is in fact what's taking place in Iraq. And I don't doubt for a minute but that the American people remember September 11th well, and that they understand that what's taking place is a global struggle against people who are determined to destroy our way of life, as they've announced and indicated -- and publicly indicated.

Richard Cranium

Oops - forgot to add the linky.

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