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June 26, 2005



Just thought you might like this small video


As far as I can tell we are supposed to sing fucking Kumbaya with the President on Tuesday, say a few words about how Freedom is hard work, and say we support the troops, and that's it.

Never mind that Bush fucking lied straight to the face of the American Public and that his lies have resulted in 1700+ Dead US Soldiers, 3000 arms, 6000 legs, and 15,000 wounded.

I'm personally still waiting for the "per capita" argument...You know, that we are still somehow suffering less loss and casualties in Iraq compared to Vietnam or Korea....It's coming though, I can feel it...Especially as the numbers grow.

Bushs' Lies Cost lives.

This is sickening.

Why aren't Americans sick to their stomachs with what is going on?

Don't they understand the carnage?
We're talking blood and guts...Having to clean up after a car bomb. Having to process body parts. Watching your friends get blown to pieces.

This is real; The American People need to wake up to that. It's not about democracy, or oil, or's about death, blood, carnage, and the effect it is going to have on the next generation of Iraqis and Americans.


I was at a friend's house for dinner tonight. He believed that the tide is slowly turning against Bush and his wars. He seemed to think that once the draft becomes a real possibilty, people will wake up and realize what a disaster this entire presidency has become. I sure hope he is right.

The Heretik

This administration has done all it could to keep this war out of people's living rooms and off their television sets, but fantasies have longer lives than soldiers. Still the truth is starting to come out. Where there is truth . . .

Night Bird

I am sick to my stomach!

Night Bird

...there should be justice.

Night Bird

Good Night!!

pissed off patricia

Will the Democrats get equal time Tuesday night?
If they do or if they did, what should they say? Too bad one of them wouldn't read the Heretik's posts, yesterday and today, to the American people.
Maybe, just maybe, it might wake some Americans.

Americas have been the dupes of one of the worst con jobs in history.

Sidra Vitale

I love the discussion of the timing, all set for about a month before US Congressional elections. Not that this is political or anything, you know?

Steve Bates

If this document is accurate (and it seems consistent with other evidence), it points to breathtaking hubris on the part of the Bush administration... not to mention a willingness to ignore the constitutional separation of powers. To wage war... and what else can one call it... without even informing Congress, let alone consulting them or asking them for a declaration until much, much later, is unconscionable and unconstitutional.

The Heretik

Thanks, Steve. See you did write about the constitutional issues on this over at Yellow Doggerel. All who follow this should check that out!

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