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June 12, 2005


Fred Dawes

Well I think we all know what happened here don't we? sad,sad,world, but in any empire you will have this happen. and after all Bush and Fox and blair and saddam, all are family right? and yes in any family you will always kill some members right?
I hopr Bush and blair will not rape saddam in the cell block 69. after all so many have been raped by this war on terror? is that what bush is calling it now?

hey Bush where is bin laden? doing something with your wife?

Night Bird

Heretik, you know as well as I do that bush will never answer that question truthfully. But no matter, it is our responsibility to bring the truth out.

Night Bird

Can I go off topic for a minute?

Thank you Heretik, for your fine words. The keynote speaker also quoted Kennedy, but luckily not the same quote. He knew your words "If not now, when?" word for word and lipped then while I spoke them.

I spoke from the heart and they liked it.


Thanks, Heretik, for those. I have put them in my new, fancy Bushit folder on my desktop. Kept finding all my good rant evidence disappearing somehow on the "internets." Hmm, and some people think the clean-sweap of the internet blogosphere hasn't started yet? They'd better look more carefully at your posts!!


I would say it will take hell freeze or maybe an alien invasion or something of equal likelyhood happening to actually convince Dubbya to admit any truths about the Iraqi invasion. He probably doesn't relly know himself why he decided to invade Iraq. As insular as he is nobody thought to burden him with the details they just said Dubbya, oh Dubbya want a treat? Come on boy, let's send the nation to war. Thats a good boy Dubbya....

Steve Bates

Good work, Heretik. Bush may or (more likely) may not answer your question, but the documents... is there no end to the documents? ... speak for themselves. And I found them here first; thank you. As one who lived through Watergate as an adult, may I remind the nay-sayers that Watergate started out with even less evidence of large-scale wrongdoing than this. Demand an investigation, accept nothing less than a fair investigation, and let the chips fall where they may. I have a good idea where they may fall.


When and why did the President decide to go to war with Iraq?

I think it's pretty clear from reading Woodward's Plan of Attack that Bu$hCo was intent on "doing" Iraq from the day he got into office. Many people read that book last year, myself included, but few seemed to care. When asked about the potential impact of his Iraq policy for future generations, Bush replied, "History, we don’t know. We’ll all be dead."

The president believes he is unaccountable to the American public and the entire world. Thank you Heretik for doing your part to hold him accountable for his crimes.

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