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June 03, 2005



there is nothing lonlier than sitting in the front seat of a car with someone you don't love anymore. When I think of the man I still love I always see us driving in his car, windows down, radio turned up really loud.


I own a 2000 Mustang GT and plan on buying the 2005 edition later this year. I'm a proud Mustang slut, fast driver and contributor to the economy of the local gas station.


I, um, walk to work...

Sr. Moody Blue Blade of Perpetual Lightness

While on a car trip, the couple stopped
at a roadside restaurant for lunch.

The woman left her glasses on the table,
but didn't miss them until they were back
on the highway.

By then, they had to travel quite a
distance before they could find a place
to turn around.

The man fussed and complained all the
way back to the restaurant. When they
finally arrived, as the woman got out of
the car to retrieve her glasses, the man

"While you're in there, you may as well
get my hat, too."

Robert E. Olsen

The beauty of each figure is exaggerated. The woman's eyelashes are extra-long, her lips extra-full. Her hair is a shade blonder than most and matches the enamel paint of the car, the curves of her forehead and nose look less like flesh than chiseled marble. She wears a big-game coat, which is not only flashy but also emblematic of a bagged trophy wife.

The man's brow, jawline, hand, and mouth are all plus-sized and straight from central casting. The color of his expensive suit matches his hair. He is literally in the driver's seat.

The pop art style tells us that these are not people but rejected icons of the 1950s and early 1960s. Icons, even when they're not being rejected, don't think or have stories. I love this painting. Would it add to my appreciation to project my thoughts onto the artist's far from blank slate?

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